Sad face PC moments :(

What can you call a sad moment with your PC?

Well, this is one I just discovered right now. I figured out that I did have a front facing IO Panel in my case all this time and I decided to try and use it... bad news. I tried plugging a USB into the USB port... will not go in whatsoever. It is unusable. It's also very bendy and didn't look very safe to begin with...

It could have saved me a lot of time with port switching... but now it makes me sad :(

Having to wait for my new PSU to get here after I ship mine off tomorrow will be very sad face.

Years ago when my dad and I got Doom 3.  It didn't run on whatever card we had so we ordered a new one quickly and frantically with at the time really fast shipping; like a week.  It arrived and I excitedly went to install it.  I was new to alot of this stuff and was pretty young and i couldn't get the card to install in any of the expansion slots and became frustrated.  Later, after searching the stupidly slow internet that we had, we discovered that we needed an AGP card instead of the PCI card that we bought.  Another week and a half later we finally got our card and could play Doom 3 on medium/high settings!

I don't remember the card exactly but I want to say it was an ATI Radeon 95xx something.

Anyway, i know a considerable amount more now than I did then and hope not to make that mistake again.

Spending 2 and 1/2 hours intalling a new CPU heatsink when it only should've taken you 30 minutes, forcing you to stay up to 5:30 A.M. and then finally turning it on to see that your CPU is idling at 80 celcius...

Having your computer explode after opening dead island..

12 year old me realizing that the comuter I built KOed itself after 4 months.  The cpu, ram, and graphics card where unsalvagable.

in my pc building career i have ordered a total of 2 motherboards online. each time they arrived DOA. It really sucks waiting all that time for shipping and having a dead mobo come in. Thankfully I am near a microcenter now so I can rush it back and replace it the same day if i have the same problem.