Sabretooth noisy?

Had decided on an ASUS channel board (either Z87 or X79). But am now reconsidering Sabretooth boards (basically because they are built like 'brick &%£$houses' and have a V long warranty) but initially I had rejected them over noise concerns (I imagined those little motherboard fans screaming their little heads off, and I want a quiet as anything system).  So for anyone who has experience of these boards do the fans make that much noise?  Can you hear them outside the case (even a silence optomised one like the R4)?

  Someone (Caveman?) mentioned the X99 chipset.  Depending on how quick the money comes through I may invest in that but if I have the money am NOT waiting for it.  Waiting for the latest & greatest would mean you never get anything there is always something better just around the corner, so if X99 is out may well add that too the short list else...

I have the x79, and there isn't any high pitch whining or anything from the fan on the board, I can't isolate to test, but I'm pretty sure i can't hear it over my CPU fan or GPU fan (CPU fan being quiet, and GPU fan being quiet at low loads).

I used to have a z77 sabertooth, and the exhaust fan (the one by the vrms) was very loud. I had to go into the fan control software and almost turn it off to get it within a reasonable db range. It's definitely not a good motherboard for a quiet system build.

if the fan is an issue you can take it out.

This is also a possibility, but I wouldn't do it if you plan to overclock much. Without any possible passive airflow the VRMs get really hot.

Thats for the VRM heatsinks, if there's enough airflow it shouldn't be an issue. Or keep the fan in and tune it to a low RPM.

I'm running a sabertooth 990fx with two r9s' crossfired 8 core vishera 32 gigs ripjaws 1866 dual channel. ALot of people make that mistake with the sabertooth, its dual channel not quad. anyway. total of 9 fans through out. runs nice a quiet. Its in a THor V2 monster tower. Its just a beast LOVE this machine! 

I've the sabertooth z87, depending on how you set them up in the software you can for example turn them when idle and let them run on when things get hotter. You will be able to hear them when they spin up, but once they are spinning I don't really hear them. In the end it will come down to how quiet you want you pc to be.

Edit: this is in a corsair 750D standing about 1m (3 feet?) away from me on top of my desk