Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSD

So looks like Sabrent is trying to steal Samsung’s thunder just a few days after their 980 Pro drop.

They are claiming to also hit 7000MB/s Read, and an even higher 6850MB/s write on their 2TB model with a newer Phison-E18 controller.

Their site doesn’t really deep dive into specs unfortunately, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see regarding other aspects.

By chance, does anyone happen to know who manufactures Sabrent’s flash chips?

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Pretty sure it’s the Phison E18 controller that is delivering.

MyDigitalSSD didn’t bench very well but it’s transaction time accessing RAM buffers beat my Samsung’s out of the hole.

Application dependent obviously, but years later both work well and one costs twice as much as the famed Samsung.

Looks like Phison improved with each new controller.
My Sabrent external SSD Caddy cost 20 bucks and still 7 years later clones with Acronis first time, every time. I like Sabrent.

Plan on getting some.

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