Sabertooth Wont Hold Overclock

My Sabertooth z77 wont save my overclock after I restart my computer. It's back to stock clocks. I am overclocking using AI Suite II. I have it sitting stable at 4.7ghz at 1.35 volts (Prime95 test Small FFT and Blend Test 24 hours each no crash). Lucky I have a profile saved in AI Suite II so I can just load it up.


What I am trying to accomplish is setting my computer to run at 4.7 all the time and not having to load the profile all the time. Any tips?

Save your overclocking settings in the bios and you won't have this problem.

I just updated my bios after i set everything to Default Values.. Re-Oveclocked it and now its holding. Guess it was just the bios.

Well your overclock isn't going to be saved unless you set everything up in the bios and then save the settings. 

Well I did that before and it wasn't saving.. Then I decided to try AI Suite II. Still didn't work but at least I could save profiles a little bit easier. I just updated the bios with AI Suite and now its allowing me so save it and it stays. Thanks for the input