Sabertooth rev2.0 gen3

Alright i ordered a sabertooth rev2.0 gen 3, the one with pci 3.0. got it on openbox sale, was like 160somethin$$


my old trusty asus m4a88t-v evo yada usb yada yada has served me well for 4 years. and put up with all the overclocking, upgrading, and moving twice within it's life. o how it will be missed.


in the new board i will initially be using all my old components. phenom II x4 965 Blk edition. good 'ol corsair xms3 16gig 1600mhz (4x4gig), 660ti(ok not old), couple 1 tb seagates,, and my oldschool corsair h50. its old ha, so old it was in a pentium dual core machine i had many years ago now.

I feel so indy puttin all this old crap onto a new board, someone fetch me my flannel and skinny jeans.


so i have a couple questions i would like opinions to. i have no idea what new exciting features have been implemented in motherboards since the days of old.

what should i be disabling for my cpu to reach it's comfy 4.1 ghz overclock, epu?, ce1?, cool and quiet? ect or are those things ok now and not the hot thing to go through and disable.

i hope this board can actually bump the bus speed a bit instead of just a multiplier overclock (my old one has a tough time posting anything over 205mhz), any settings that can be turned off to increase that likelyhood?

think my trusty work horse 1600mhz xm3 ram can get up closer to 1866mhz? i have a small fan blowing on the ram, albeit it's 4 sticks so not much room to breathe. been up close to 1700mhz before, but the ratio's put the cpu in it's unhappy spot. hoping if i can increase bus frequency, faster ram will be possible.

and lastly, i've looked at benchmarks and all, and haven't been able to justify a new cpu, hence why i've not upgraded in some time. upgrading now only cause my mb is starting to act fickle. i mainly game on my machine and just do some text based work. can anyone convince me to upgrade the cpu? If it wasn't overclocked i'de def upgrade, but my overclock is the only thing holding me back.

like i said, mainly gaming, anyone upgrade recently and notice a significant improvement in things like arma3?

Watch this video to answer your OC questions: Games will start to take advantage of 8 core cpu's like the 8350 so there will be a boost in performance in the future with an octacore processor. Also with the new Kaverari Apu's launching in about a week the 8350 may be at the end of its life cycle, so we may be seeing some really good sales on it soon.

Well a Saber R2 Gen3 with a 8350, pair of 7870s, and 8 gigs of ddr3 2133 is not a bad running little system. :)~ Future plans include 480 rad 16gigs of ram and at least one 780 or 780ti. Realistic probably be two 780s Honestly, I rode my 940 be for the longest time. Upgrading to six then a eight was well worth it for the extra multitasking.