Saber-tooth 990FX

I'm building a PC with the 8350 and sabertooth 990fx. I would like to know how will my sbaerthooth be able to use the G.Skill 16gb @2133mhz if it can only support to 1866mhz. 

Thankyou for your time.

The Controller on the 8350 can use up to 1866 at standard, but thats not the limit of the actual ram speed or the transfer speed.

2133mhz RAM is OC'd RAM, meaning although it isnt designed to natively work that way with the memory controller (its validated at 2133Mhz though, meaning the RAM itself is designed to run at those speeds) it is definitley possible to use that speed, although the advantage of 2133 over 1866 isnt large.

you can kind of think of it like how an 8350 is meant to natively work at 5Ghz but it can work that way, although thats a pretty basic explination, hopefully someone else can convey the point better than me.