S8+/S9+ as daily driver and lightwight desktop replacement or Single board X86 + phone

SO I travel out and have no singal where I go, but thinking of switching to google FI which Ive been told have signal everywhere. So I am looking for low ultra powered devices that could accept SIM cards and or just be tethered too or work without internet. If I go with an X86 SBC as well, (the SBC is optional) I would like it to be an UDOO Ultra X86 or Up Square, something that could do a EGPU via M.2 or other port.

I willing to spend $1000 USD(not including GPU if bought) but this is a very niche purchase so keep this in mind which offering suggestions.


I like physical keyboards, So when finding out the s8+ keyboard works with the S9 I was happy, I was even more when all the S8 products work with the S9. Find out Gamevice makes a LAG free gamepad. SO the Samsung with TWRP(unlocked Bootloader) is a great choice for me. As well it has a DEX station AND/OR PAD.

SO I could use the S8 or S9 as a desktop replace for web browsering, emails, phone calls, discord, mumble, etc etc.

The other phone option is a moto z2 force with the Gamepad mod, and keyboard mod. The novelty of the hasslebard camera and 360 camera mod. Its bootloader is also unlocked and its moto mod is open source. It also has a Moto mod to use Raspi hats.

The only missing is the desktop feature like the dex pad for the moto Z2.

The other option if I do just get the Z2 since its much cheaper, is to get a UP SQUARE

If I am reading this right it has PCI express lanes, at least an X4. There is also this atom version but I can find it anywhere.

prices so far
S8+ $530
S9+ $800+
Dex station and/or pad $60
S8+ keyboard $40ish~
Moto Z2 force $300ish~
Moto gamepad $40
Moto hasslebrad Camera $70 to $100~~
Up Square $270 to $339


Can the UpSquared do an EGPU with the UDOO can?
Thoughts on Twrped with magisk/greenify/xposed S9/S8
Gear VR good?

If you are going to go that high why not just go for last gen Intel nuc. Thunderbolt support for external gpu and has proper core.


The Egpu is a bonus not a requirement.

I want a Sub 20 Watt PC and size is as factor.

If you can’t follow the listed items then don’t post. Thanks for the free bump.

Plus the nuc board are out of the price range once you fill them… and also out o f power range… and size range… r eally doesn’t fit the word “Ultra low power device” which be under 20 watts. The can be useful and are most cases but not this. Thank you for your attempt.

Have you tried to work on a ultra low power device properly. I see the up you posted but highly dou t the experience will be what you imagine

What aspect of your use case precludes a laptop?

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