S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Worth a Buy?

Its on sale do you like this game. I play alot of fallout.

Yes, definitely. It also has great mods http://www.moddb.com/games/stalker/mods

Definitely. Although it can be infuriatingly difficult. Mainly because the auto-save system is wonky.

The STALKER Lost Alpha remake is free, and bloody good, but it crashes a lot unfortunately.

Is it similar to fallout ie open, rpg, voice acting, side missions, solo?

Buy it. it's not nearly as open world as Fallout but still, you won't be dissapointed it's a great game. the first and second are semi open with the 3rd being even more open than the previous two. the missions are great the story is great, it's all great. I actually just got done reading the book the games are based off of last night.

What is the book titled? I read metro 2033 thats a great one also.

Get the bundle (all 3) or just Pripyat? 9.99 vs 19.99

get the bundle definately. The book is called Roadside Picnic.

+1 for buying the bundle. Great games, but can be really difficulty

Bought the bundle will report back with a quick review :) Thanks Everyone for the help. Steam is running like ass right now on the web side im getting 10mb on the D/L though playing shadow first and im d/ling complete 2009 mod. Any MOD advice appreciated :)

Steam will probably be running badly until tommorow, now everybody wants to access it and see which games are cheap

Have you tried the monster game? Is this how we have to unlock flash sales im confused?

Don't think so, flash sales last only a couple of hours. These will be 48h, will be specials. You can see which games are going to be on sale from the monster game if you look at the milestone in the monster game page.

If you want the best original story experience, go with the Complete line of mods only. Then I recommend Lost Alpha, it's all the mods I ever wanted in one package. For Clear Sky the only other mods I enjoyed are faction wars (if that is what it's called), I didn't particularly like it's screwed up game mechanics anyway so I didn't play much. Now for Call Of Pripyat there's Misery mod... If you're man enough lol. I really enjoy this one, but it is well...misery, the best STALKER challenge ever, you will be immersed.

Best game there is.

There is a S.T.A.L.K.E.R which is free on GOG if you spend more than $20 in the GOG sale.

gun jammed lost to the zone forgot to save for like 20 minutes


make sure to try out this http://www.miserymod.com/

also the complete mods