S.T.A.L.K.E.R. complete bundle for $10

I mentioned it in the comments section of the latest Dealzon post, but Bundle Stars has the STALKER complete bundle again for $10.

I've bought tons of games through them and I've never had an issue. I will say that if you just use your credit card instead of Paypal, I believe they charge you a currency conversion fee or something like that (I think they state it on their site somewhere).

Every PC gamer should have this series in their collection. Amazing games, warts and all. I was devastated when stalker 2 was cancelled.

GSC Game world is back on business.
Also they are making Cossacks 3. Everything depends how well that goes and will have another STALKER game.

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Sounds good. I really hope it happens. Not interrested in Cossacks 3 though.

aye, me neither.. in fact their Cossacks franchise made them a lot of money...
Dunno, seem that Cossacks in Estern Europe is kinda popular..

I'd rather have another Stalker... Really, after F4 being as pre-scripted and boring as it is, i'd rather just get my old school STALKER game...

Well F4 is like F3 but with steroids.. the building stuff is fucking boring... and near the beginning a raider with a fatboy just rape me.. WTF DUDE..
At least I loved the weapon pimp up and shooting feels goods... Actually not using VATS at all..
AND FUCKING DOGMEAT MAN.... Is worth a shit in fights like most companions, their AI is retard..
but dammit Dogmeat reminds me my dog...

But the atmosphere in STALKER is supreme... the desolation, the misery and the felt of being in the edge of death.. (At least in Shadow of Chernobyl)
Lets cross our fingers that GSC get their shit together and deliver a new STALKER Game..

And the concept art of STALKER 2 was fucking sick..




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I am going to do what I can to grab this set in the next few minutes.

Got Them!!!!!!

OK, how am i expected to say F4 is any good after this?

Now this is post apocalyptic radiation etc stuff...
God damn it, this is beautiful...

Glad you like it..
There is more of this.. Truly, STALKER 2 was in mind to be more adult, more sick and even creepier.. LOOK THAT FUCKING PIG WITH THAT EVIL MUTATED TUMOR D:
And those monolith fellas with the gas mask sewn in their faces.. Dammit... you dont see that kind of stuff everyday..

About Fallout 4 well for me is funny.. I mean.. being in 2077 and still living like the 50? quite hilarious and everything working with atomic reactions lol... even the alarm clocks.. xD


Shadow of Chernobyl is SICK. I LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing the bundle!!!!