Let me get you up to speed; I built a computer a couple months ago and it worked like a charm but one day once I started to play BF3, POOF, everything's just shuts off. I thought no biggie probably just overheated so I let it cool for a day or two but when I came back to turn it on...nothing. Naturally I was worried some part was fried tested out components seperately and replaced my CPU (from an ancient FX-4100 to FX-6300) upgraded my mobo to an M5A97 R2.0 (from an regular M5A97) even rangled up some more space (i.e. new Hard drive)


I seem to have fallen into some conundrum as to what the hell went wrong... By that I mean the damned thing won't turn on. So I begin to troubleshoot, check the wires and components and so on but still nothing. SO here I am... at the mercy of everybody and anybody willing and able to help. 

Current Specs;

- ASUS M5A97 R2.0

- AMD FX-6300

- AMD Radeon HD7870 (GHZ Edt.)

- Mushkin Radioactive (2x4GB @ 1600MHz)

- NZXT Phantom 410

- ATX 750W Power supply (Some Generic supply)


SO any help?


Adios Amigos

Your PSU could be the Problem. A spare one to check if that is the case would be useful.

Yeah, it definitely sounds like it's the PSU, especially since you replaced the CPU and mobo.

Plus you said it's a generic PSU, so it's probably of rather low quality.

Just turn the PSU on (swicht on the back of the PSU) and look if the LED's on the board flash/light up, if not the PSU is broken . . . it's simple as that.

The board L.E.D does light up and I've tested the PSU it worked in another build (just to make sure I tested the rig with my pal's psu which didn't help either) 

The case is new so I don't know if that can be a problem? Any way to check?

Did you connect the case power button cable to the board? Try jumping the two power pins with a paper clip.

hmmm, pull one ram module out and look if it boots . . . try both of them (each alone) . . . if it don't boot i don't know. Since you tried everything this is the only thing left.

So yeah going back to the topic, I realized I hadn't tested the RAM. So quick question; should any component power on if the RAM is missing? I found a lot of answers talking about booting, but I mean will anything actually power on? because in my case every time I hit the power button literally nothing happens, the only light I can see is the Motherboards power light. I have a Motherboard speaker but haven't plugged it in yet... so yeah would it be worth replacing the RAM?

(Unfortunately none of my friends have a compatible motherboard to test the RAM)

1+ it is

i would run to the store and buy the cheapest 4 gb of RAM there is and install it in the correct slot (check your motherboard manuel) mine is the second slot next to the cpu if im using 1 stick but yours might be different. then try to boot.


It could be the RAM, you could try re-seating and if that doesn't work try using only one stick.

One time I had a similar problem and it turned out it was a shorted out USB plug. You should try disconnecting everything from the board except what is necessary for it to turn on and try it then.