S.Korean 40"+ monitor for "TV" + gaming?

I have not played video games, or watched TV, in a long time but plan to buy a Steam Machine next month. In anticipation, I just bought a 43" 4K Vizio (M43-C1), and now I'm a believer in large screen hi-def displays.

But the privacy policies of TV vendors is totally insane! I don't want them tracking what a watch, play, and where I browse. I hesitate even to connect it to my network.

I'm wondering if I should:

  • try to neuter the Vizio as best I can by isolating it on my home network;
  • return the Vizio and get one of the 40"+ S. Korean displays.

I probably would not use this display for anything but gaming and watching movies. I'm not sure, though, if I'll still be able to watch movies without the TV components. I might be able to use the Steam Machine as a media center too, but it comes with a single GTX960, which as I understand it can't drive a 4K display anyway.

I saw the Microboard 40" 4K review and I like a lot of things about it (including the industrial aesthetics), but I'm getting kind of greedy with screen real estate and considering the Wasabi mango 49" display.

Anyway, I was hoping to get some pros / cons / miscellaneous input to help me make my decision. I've got several weeks to decide before the deadline to return the Vizio is up.

For me I prefer a dumb panel but with a decent picture quality. My 50" plasma has served me for the last 10 years but it's getting near that time when 4K UHD material will be more plentiful and I'll want to upgrade. Lucky for me I have an AMH A399U 40" monitor upstairs that's just become my secondary monitor as I decided to buy an Acer X34 Predator for gaming.

As I plug everything via my AV amp and use that for switching the sources I can simply plug it in and carry on. I prefer to use streaming devices or my ultra tablet rather than rely on say a smart TV to do all the work. They tend to get updated very regularly so I'd be more concerned about the electronics in the TV becoming outdated more quickly.

Play safe for now.get a A409U, you do not use the bezel you use the display...............(IMO)

you like the acer over the AMH????????????????????

Calm down maxcat :) I only prefer the Acer specifically for gaming where the G-Sync + 100Hz come in to play.

I don't really see the AMH A399U being demoted as it's replacing my big screen downstairs where I'll be watching films with my 5.1 surround setup and 10" sub woofer. I'm not planning on letting it go anytime soon.

Do you realize how worried I was ????????????????????????????? Never do this again !
edit 1 = LOL>>>>>>>>>>LOL
edit 2 = I tried to get another A399U, the good ones are very scarce, and hiding !

Lg uf6430

How are you feeding 4K content to your non-smart display?

Any thoughts on the pros/cons of just treating the Vizio M43-C1 as a dumb display both for gaming and for watching HD/UHD content? Would it be worth it to return it and get a monitor instead?

I notice there is a 49" Wasabi Mango UHD490 for $829 on eBay... about $250 more than what I paid for the Vizio, with an additional 6" of screen real estate.

I placed my order for a Steam Machine yesterday, BTW, should arrive in a couple of weeks :-)

At this very moment my UHD Monitor is still upstairs attached to my PC so I stream via that but have to rely on pure CPU power as my 980 Ti doesn't have the necessary x.265 decoder. So I may look to order an nVidia Shield TV or preferably I'd like nVidia to release a passive Maxwell based GPU below the GTX 950 (with x.265 decoding) so I can build a HTPC box.

Will the nVidia Shiled TV have services that sample data and pass it back I don't know but it probably won't. At least with a HTPC I have some control over the software installed.

If you've already ordered a Steam Machine you might just want to see how you get on with that and your current TV.

NO display port...............................(meh........meh........sobb) NOPE !

hdmi 2.0 4:4:4 Chroma 60hz 4k.

OK I was under the impression that for 4k 60Hz and maybe more; the best connection type is DP, especially version 1.3.
Even on display cards having hdmi 2.0 it is recommended to use dp. As far as I know the monitors , the 40 s , tested were all 444 chroma...........that was the basis of my answer. What is the main use ?

I've got 75hz in 1080p which is ok I guess. I'm using it as a monitor. I bought it at frys for 499$ no sales tax promo. Just be sure to put it in game mode for low latency

OK, for that good price I would have been solidly interested !!..........Now I understand, and quite good . :-)

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