Ryzen's IOMMU groupings w/AGESA 1006 "will be very happy"

Neat. Didn't know that. Have experienced nothing regarding that with the latest version of Windows 10.

Pretty sure there's a way of resetting the Activation timer though I have never looked for one.
Not sure if faking the date would work (it used to in older windows versions). If MS was any smart they'd have a check in windows update every time you installed an update so that it wouldn't install current updates because they came from the "future", effectively making your installation out of date permanently.

And if they don't... well, they can have my bank account information I also accept USD.

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Thanks for posting the groups,
If you have any kind of PCIe card you could put it to second slot.
It will show the IOMMU for the main CPU slots, no need for second graphic.

Still the chipset devices are all in the same group.
But that may be more due to ASUS than the AGESA.

I don't know about the rest of the forum members, but I for one plan to use a licensed copy of windows 10 when I setup my guest machine, the ricks of using an unlicensed copy of Windows 10 is to great, especially since I can get a license for Windows 10 for between $15 to $50 dollars depending on what version of Windows 10 I want.

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You do have a point it really is pain to get games that where written for Windows to run on Linux, but I think the fault isn't Wine, but the fact there are so few instructions for games to be properly install and run on Wine.

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Pray-tell, what are the risks?

If you are paying between $15-$50, it's not BSA level legit. What I mean is, the seller has to be sort of "accredited" with Microsoft and their "software alliance" for it to not count as unlicensed.

For example, if a small business (such as the one I worked for), bought Windows 10 licenses off of some website for less than Microsoft says people are allowed to sell them for, and the BSA did some audit, even if Windows 10 says it was activated, they'd still be fined for using unlicensed software. Even if they had receipts, if the receipts weren't for the right amount from the right people, they'd still get fined.

The cheapest I can find Windows for on PCPP is $90. Any version. If you have some Education thing that lowers the price, then ok that's cool for you, but most don't have that.

You still get updates without activating windows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So if the risks are simply a matter of "the software cops", buying it that way isn't avoiding any risk.

Not saying Wine is the issue, but even when setting up a Windows Game in Wine "correctly" with a guide or whatever it can still be slow as hell because that's just how it is.

Guild Wars 2 for example works perfectly fine under Wine (and it's not exactly new), but it doesn't matter what graphics settings I set, I can't get above 20fps or something even though my PC is perfectly capable of it under windows.

Wine is still missing a lot of parts, but that's just how it is trying to be compatible with a closed source OS.

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Yesterday AMD posted: Community Update #4: Let's Talk DRAM

Starting With Virtualization
If you’re the kind of user that just needs (or loves!) virtualization every day, then AGESA firmware will be a blessing for you thanks to fresh support for PCI Express® Access Control Services (ACS). ACS primarily enables support for manual assignment of PCIe® graphics cards within logical containers called “IOMMU groups.” The hardware resources of an IOMMU group can then be dedicated to a virtual machine.

This capability is especially useful for users that want 3D-accelerated graphics inside a virtual machine. With ACS support, it is possible to split a 2-GPU system such that a host Linux® OS and a Windows VM both have a dedicated graphics cards. The virtual machine can access all the capabilities of the dedicated GPU, and run games inside the virtual machine at near-native performance.

This is certainly a complicated setup for most users, but I have no doubt that there will be a whole lot of you enthusiastically nodding at this news. We’re grateful for your feedback and your patience, and we hope the new support for ACS serves you well.


I thought the IOMMU groups were static and managed by the BIOS/UEFI, which is the whole reason for this discussion?

AGESA officially adds 26 new parameters that can improve the compatibility and reliability of DRAM

I didn't even know RAM had so many parameters...

Sorry for the late reply.
No, I have nothing that would work in my current config. The main problem is my watercooling setup, which was built without adding more expansion cards in mind. So, even if I stole the GPU out of a friend's system I couldn't make it fit..

I'll get a GT730(which hopefully will be small enough to fit) later this week to test, but until then I can't help you I am afraid.

Apologies for the picture quality, the monitor was under $40 new, so the quality matches that price.

These pics are from the Taichi beta BIOS with the AGESA updates.

Memory options, 2 full pages + the command rate options below it. T1 or T2 available:

Up to 4000MHz in the XMP settings now.

IOMMU options, not sure if these are new or not, as I only had a few hours on the current stable BIOS before flashing to the Beta version.


Mind If I ask where you go the Beta BIOS for the Taichi?

I thought that there was an official download somewhere too, but... idk, can't find it.

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Yeah anything official would be listed on here first: