Ryzen Slackware from Sluggish Win 10

So lately I have been having issues with the whole windows 10. Thing seems slow and boggy, usb ports wont charge my ipod touch 4 etc. Just little things like that. Oh to heck with it, I bought the sata for Slackware, so I installed. Strange that I havent even finished tweeking it, and I plug in iPod touch, what do you know it charges. I have also noticed that Slackware seems to boot a little faster, load software packages a little faster. Has anyone else noticed the sluggish in win 10?

I have had problems, but sluggish isn’t one of them. My overclock is be thwarted by windows for some reason. I can’t even open up the start or settings menu. This is with the fall creator update. I reverted back to the old version. It works fine now.