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Ryzen R9 3900x Availability

So anybody know when Amazon and/or Newegg will be getting these back in stock at MSRP ?

Seems that there are a few scalpers selling on Amazon now for way above this pricing level :frowning:

I wonder if there was be stock in September when the 3950x is scheduled to be released ?


I doubt anyone knows… except for maybe the scalpers? lol seriously, I could see them with ‘friends’ in the supply chain informing them so they can slurp up any shipments making it to web stores.

I do hope this gets sorted out in the long term and that TSMC can provide enough volume for them. Though honestly global foundries is part of this too as the IO/NB is produced by them. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the demand for Epyc might mean we’re only getting the table scraps production wise. It’s good for AMD if the higher margin server processors move, but it sucks for the end users. Time will tell.

Yes indeed, I was thinking the same, table scraps is the correct term :wink:

Well I’ll just keep slogging my old i7 for the time being, strange how it is really starting to chug with doing too many workloads at the same time now.

Hence why I wanted to grab something with some headroom and one of those nice Gigabyte NVMe Gen4 SSD’s.

When AMD fixed the shortage, increased the production and the demand decreased.
So I’d expect it takes another month or two for it to be widely available.

Over here in Germany, the 3900X is “expected 14.08.2019”, 3800X however seems available.
The 3800X is even under MSRP at 403,90€…

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Somewhat good news, the scalpers on Amazon must have a bit more supply, now the cheapest pricing is around $650 for the 3900x

At this rate I bet when the 3950x is released it will also sell out in less then an hour and no stock for it either :frowning:

Might as well just get an EPYC then…

…then the scalpers start buying EPYC…


Nice, very nice :slight_smile:

It is looking like EPYC GEN 2 is going to be EPIC :smiley:

What was the price at launch? Like $499?

Yes, it was at MSRP of $499

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Well yeah at my end the 3800X sit around €425 currently.
And the 3700X is only €345,-
Which in my opinion makes the 3800X kinda irrelevant with that price gab.

The 3900X is currently €548,- in pre order.
But that is totally ridiculous if you ask me.

For gamers either the 3700X or 3600X are the best bang for buck chips out there.
With a Honorable mention for the 3800X depending on local prices.

I was reminded today that there are many reasons to just wait on the Ryzen 3000 unless you’re really in the need of an upgrade. Not only is their rumors of more SKUs later this year, but if AMD is to be believed there will be a Zen2+ shipped next year. Odds are that it will be later in the year, but still something to consider.

Zen3 is 2021 and will probably be a new socket (just my guess).

Sadly still no word of Threadripper w/Zen2 from what I’ve seen.

edit Speak of the devil -


pls don’t remind me of that…
The 3800X is on sale for 389€ right now in Germany…

I bought a 3700X a couple of days ago, when the availability of the 3800X wasn’t there…

Well some more sellers on Amazon now and currently down to $630 USD.

My Microcenter has had them every time I went. Even the other day when I bought one, they had 10+ in stock. Do you have one near you?

Nope, the only local retailer i have is Frys and they are out of stock on this CPU as well.

I been a little butt hurt myself with the 3900x availability. Two notices from Egghead and 1 from B&H that stock is in but each time, by the time I go to order (twice within 15 minutes of receiving the alert) they were already gone or, in the last instance from Egghead they sent me to a link where is was $659.00 – spare that. The closest Microcenter to me does have them but I am not driving 180mi/3hr round trip to get one. I already have a 3800x with an Aorus x570 Master on the bench so it is not like I don’t something to tinker with now anyway. If I can’t get a 3900x (want to swap it for a 2700x on my C7H) at msrp and without leaving the house, I am just not doing it. I can wait until the fever dies down and there are more to be had and upgrade then. I figure, let all these folks chew through the 3900X stock and their $$ now and hope that the % of folks competing for the 3950X won’t be as fierce - As that’s the chip I really want on the bench to tinker with. Until Threadripper 3K drops anyway…

I got lucky finding a 3700x for MSRP this past weekend… Was out of stock again within about an hour.(MSRP)

The latest pricing from one of the Amazon sellers is around $650.00

I’m thinking I may just go with an 8 core 3700x but really i wanted to tinker with the extra cores on that 3900x.

I really think that when the 3950x gets released it will probably have the same issues with availability and sell out within minutes.

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Were there many takers for the 3900X? Or were the mainstream-enthusiast people just waiting for the 3950X?

I’m thinking there were as the stock came back and just as quickly sold out once more.

Even Newegg is still Out of Stock