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Dear wise-ones,

I upgraded my mobo to the crosshair6 for my Ryzen 1700 and now I have an extra MSI Gaming Pro Carbon. My wife and I are playing Borderlands 2 again so I wanted to put together a Ryzen system so we can play together. I’m thinking the Ryzen3 1300x should be enough…but would it behoove me to get the Ryzen 5 1400? I’m going to pair it with a GTX 770 I have doing nothing. Should be good enough to run Borderlands 2, and I’m actually eyeing a used 1060. I know that Intel may be the best in this case but then I would have to buy a mobo+cpu+ram and I’m not trying to spend a ton of money.




For the $30 premium I’d go for SMT in the 1400 hands down. It won’t matter for BL2 but could be nice in the future for… almost anything else really.


+1 for weeks.


That’s what I was thinking, it really is a good value. Right now I have a G3258 system running BL2, and I don’t want to be limited by 2 cores anymore

Check your settings, I just played though borderlands2 on a [email protected] and didn’t have any weird FPS drops or lag. Yes CPU usage was 100% often so I would say its “CPU bound” in still, but ultra settings (other than PhsX) at >60fps played fine. Only game I own that so far I have not gotten good FPS out of the G3258 or had lag is Witcher3, which sadly is just about unplayable thanks to random stutter on any configuration options both in game and in graphics driver software.

Still nothing wrong with an upgrade when it lets you use parts you already have, as in newer or harder to run games the more threads is worth it big time, even if the single threaded performance is a bit less.

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Borderlands 2 is an Unreal Engine 3 game. It couldn’t care less about your CPU.

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Game engines don’t work like that buddy, game engine is the parts you have, what parts of the system it taxes is down to the design and optimization. For example its not even like unreal engine games are limited to first person, let alone shooters, and the engine gets used to make non-game tools as well.

Borderlands 2 does scale with CPU performance, indeed it actually threads shockingly well (seeing increases when going with higher core count but lower clockspeed chips of the same architecture like the intel extreme line over consumer socket), and responds with slightly higher percentages of framerate scaling with overclocking than the percentage gains in CPU clockspeed… 2 qualities you rarely see together. That said with a few settings tweaks you will get plenty good enough performance to enjoy the game on most modern hardware… even a haswel i3 or overlockable Pentium, but this low requirements also apply to graphics, and really only represent the game being fairly old now… although still very fun to play.

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Definitely, and while we will be playing BL2 together, I don’t want her to be limited to only playing that. My in laws need a new PC too so I was thinking giving them the G3258 system. A six core system will definitely be nice, last night I read some games will not even post without four cores.

By “some games” AFAIK only far cry 4 still has that issue (a few others did at launch and got patched), but it was 4 threads not 4 cores it needed (and various 3rd party community patches bypass this, although it will still have performance problems unless your, so the hyperthreaded i3’s worked fine.

You don’t have to take things so literally.

good to know

So interesting anecdote, my GTX 770 is dead.

So right now the system sits at
Gigabyte H81m-H mobo
G3258 (only got it to 4.1 ghz

With just the onboard graphics it’s running at an “undefined” resolution according to Borderlands. As a temporary solution the misses is ok with it. Looking into a used 1060 at the moment.

That sucks, any chance of a thermal paste re-apply and bios reflash fixing it to a playable level, or is it now a coaster?

Either way I think the thing to do for now is accept the handy cap and play on the integrated graphics yourself =P

Seriously though, the 1060 is a plenty good enough card for borderlands2, and honestly most things at 1080p. If you are planning to own the card without upgrade for a very long time, or have a monitor >1080p that may be grandfathered to the PC with the gtx1060 at a later date the 6gb is worth it, otherwise the cheaper 3gb cards are fine.

I think it’s a coaster. before I even put it in there I reapplied the thermal paste (it was really thin)

The integrated graphics is funny to me, it’s like 20 fps

I have been looking at the 1060 gb, I’m torn between the 3gb and 6gb. I’m watching Gamer Nexus vid’s now


If you stick to 1080 you’ll never need the 6gb. The card just won’t get exercised enough to ever need it.


I went with the 6gb, getting 70+ on borderlands 2, 2560x1440p

2560x1440 isn’t 1080p. As long as you’re happy with what you got then everything is fine.

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Ryzen 5 1400 would best suit you, yes. Sorry to hear about the dead 770, but at least that necessitates an upgrade now! Your wife should enjoy the performance of the 1060 6gb card.

Rather than buying a new mobo, and DDR4, finding a cheap haswell or haswell refresh chip used is likely a better option… the ryzen 1400 is great, but you won’t even get to OC much on a budget mobo, so something like the haswell Xeon E3-1230-v3 offers the same core\thread counts at similar frequency range, but higher IPC… and is literally $190usd used online, drop right into your socket and go.

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