Ryzen Pro feature - TSME (Transparent SME)

I was wandering around, seeing what was best for putting together a NAS system.

And stumbled in the Supported x86 Extensions & Processor Features for the Pro version of ryzen 2600 pro that i never seen at retail stores actually selling. source

Is any beneficial this feature in a freenas (nas) or qubes os ( daily use) system?

Thanks in advance.


Hey, thanks for the post! I actually got to learn something about TSME which is awesome!

I don’t feel that TSME (Transparent Secure Memory Encryption) would be worth it really for a NAS build, but there are lots of other features that are interesting like Secure Boot, and TPM support that is bundled in with the ‘secure technologies’

Personally, I would be interested in the TPM technology. Lots of neat things you can do with encryption and security if you get it working. :slight_smile:

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too bad you can’t buy Pro Ryzen 3000 CPUs, they’re only sold to system retailers like HP and Lenovo.
do the non-pro consumer Ryzen 3000s unofficially support TSME? like they appearntly support ECC unofficially, according to comments a reddit post on the amd subreddit that I can’t link.

The ECC support is pretty odd. Had looked into this as an option for a smallerish form system, but discovered that neither the HP nor Lenovo mobos support ECC. So you pay for the Pro label CPU only to then be crippled by the system manufacturer’s board. So unless you just want to pay 400-700 for the system to extract the CPU…meh.

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ECC is an official feature and as you said the boards are the problem while pretty much every consumer grade board from you “name it” officially support it. there is a catch compared to the pro the APU never support ECC except for the pro version.
while been rare pro CPU are sold separately from time to time.

not sure what’s so interesting about TSME you have to find or write software to make any use of it and it is still super young.

and you need unreg ECC for ryzen which is for what ever reason pricey just saying.

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