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Ryzen Pre-Week 25 fabrication RMA issue

Have sent my 1700 to AMD to the Netherlands for replacement… AMD paid the express delivery costs, and now I am waiting for their e-mail.

Now with my remaining R3 1200 (Batch UA 1724PGT) I don’t know what to do:
I did run the script 7 times, with a total testing time of 74 hours. And during this time I’ve got 2 seg-faults.
I don’t know. Is this a good or a bad cpu now?

(in comparison the R7 1700 (Batch UA 1709PGT):
5 runs, 47 hours total, 37 segfaults)

@noidea - since you were kind enough to reply to me earlier.

You should not expect to see segfaults, however you may never experience any real world issues, depending on what you do with it. It isn’t clear how the issue may manifest itself otherwise.

Since they are paying for shipping, you may just want to RMA it.

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Thank you gip!

Then I’ll RMA the 1200 just like the 1700.

How’s your Ryzen chip?

it’s ok so far, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue since, and the other issues testing seemed to be resolved by doing what I described. I didn’t really investigate any further.

I hope you have good luck with things from here on.

I had no idea when my Ryzen 7 1700 was made. So I ran to see what would happen. It failed a few minutes in.

So I disassembled my system and found my chip was made in the 33rd week of 2017 (UA 1733PGS).

So I started playing with various settings as if I were overclocking the system. The longest run I’ve achieved so far is 28,581s (just under 8 hours). That was with vCore at 1.36875. I also tried 1.375. That ran for 5,903s. 1.3875 only lasted 237s.

I’m running with two sticks of Kingston ECC ValuRam (KVR24E17D8/16). Last time I checked, that memory isn’t on the QVL list for my motherboard (ASRock X370 Taichi).


you should be good.

8 hours should be plenty of time

might try the blender build if your worried

Finally got my replacement for the 1700.
I have run the kill script multiple times on my new CPU. I have to point out that the behaviour changed.
Now I don’t get any errors.
BUT, the kill script doesn’t loop anymore. Means, I execute it, it keeps running till all my 16 threads are done compiling (about 7 hours), then it stops immidiately. No loop.

Before on the faulthy CPU:
I execute, the script runs and produces errors; indifferent a specific thread has produced an error or not, all threads are looping everytime after finishing compiling clean or with error, the script runs ENDLESS.

It turns out my newer 1700X has the segfault bug as well. I tested it in VirtualBox on Ubuntu 17.04 using the kill script.

I might as well wait two months though and grab a 2700X instead of a 1700X now.

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The script is broken by now with new GCC and newer kernels and needs to be patched.

I’ve since forgotten what the fix was.

The script seems to download a gcc - 7.1.0. Furthermore, when testing the CPU the same version of Ubuntu the author used (17.04) should be downloaded. Thus, I think it is still in working condition and as posted above I used roughly three weeks ago…

I just had a chat with Amazon’s support and I’ll get a complete refund. Therefore, I’ll go ahead and purchase a 2700X :slight_smile:


Think about that carefully, the X parts have the stupid temp offset.
If you want to control stuff yourself that can get in the way.

They reported about 20°C more, didn’t they?

Yeah, I think that was the exact number actually.
Do you OC manually? And how does your cooling setup look like?

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I did not overclock my 1700X, but I undervolted it without any problems.

Currently I’m using the be quiet! Silent Loop 280. With this AIO my CPU doesn’t go above 35° while gaming. I’ve stress-tested it with prime95, but I forgot the temperature it hit.

But due to an obnoxious pump noise I’m refunding this AIO as well and I got a NXZT Kraken 62 instead.

Even though I like overclocking, right now I’m much more into undervolting since I have no need for the extra performance overclocking offers. That being said, I might change my opinion in a couple of years. Overclocking made Witcher 3 playable on my 2500k :slight_smile:

With that cooling solution and no urge to overclock right away, go X! :+1:

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Ok thx :wink:

I know it’s an overkill, but I like cool PC components :smiley:

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Just received my 2700X :slight_smile:


I’ll probably undervolt it in the coming days, but I should create a new thread for this I suppose :smiley:

Out of interest, which board/chipset are you running it on ?

My 1800x doesnt appear to have a temp offset. It appears to hit around 20c on idle and 50 on load.