Ryzen on ESXI, XEN Hyper-V

When Ryzen first came out, I remember reading a lot of bad news with regards to esxi not booting up or sosmething to that effect, unless Ryzens SMT equivalent was disabled.

Is anyone here playing with Ryzen on any of these hyper-visors?

After watching the recent upload to the channel it reminded me of this question and thought I would ask.

I'm quite interested in the possibility of using threadripper or epyc in the near future as a way to consolidate the various 3rd party hosts we have. It would save money in the long run and give us a big bump in performance.

After having done a few interwebs searches, I'm not really seeing anything new than April with regards to Ryzen and esxi etc.

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I'm not sure but I'd be willing to test ESXi on my Ryzen 7 system if you're interested

I think with some if not all hyperviser vendors we will need to still wait to get them adapt to the new CPU lines. Mostly with commercial solutions like ESXi, Hyper-V. Its not that they are not working on that, its more about that they will not release it until it will be stable (everything: CPUs, boards, hyper-visors).

If you feel like it would be fun or interesting for you that would be cool. Otherwise I'm planning to build my new home pc sometime next month I think, so I'll get to testing eventually.