Ryzen NPT workaround?

tl;dr: https://www.reddit.com/r/VFIO/comments/78i3jx/possible_fix_for_the_npt_issue_discussed_on_iommu/

I startet messing with GPU passthrough again and made a couple of changes:
The host 560Ti is now in the bottom x4 slot. Getting Fedora to claim it as its primary video is actually pretty straightforward considering the archwiki states its impossible.
This leaves the second x8 slot for a SATA or USB Controller. Currently its the latter one, I had issues passing through ASMedia based SATA cards, a Marvell based one is on its way here for further testing. Hugepages gave me more stability but not quite the fps improvements I was hoping for. While doing research about further CPU tuning I stumbled across the proposed patch linked above. I will give this a shot, just wanted to let you know about this, if you want to tinker with this aswell. More on the story as it develops…


Praise Jesus!

Praise be! Praise Ye!

Finally!!! I built the kernel two days ago and finally came to test it out. For the first time I got an absolutely playable Fallout 4 experience in a virtual machine. No fps drips or anything. I think that did it. From being useless for virtualized gaming ryzen evolved to the meant to be platform and my Ryzen 7 box finally works like I imagined it ever since I saw this video about GTA V on Arch with no need to reboot to natively play my Windows games.

Fedora 26, Linux 4.14-rc6 with SVM/PAT patch, NPT enabled!
Thanks to Geoff, Paolo, @wendell and incredibly smart guys on the level1techs forums!