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Ryzen mobo/RAM combo?


I’ve touched on this in the past before but now I’m pretty much committed to upgrade my cpu/mobo/ram (currently i5 3470, msi h61m-p31 and 8gb ddr3 1600MHz which I’m pretty sure is outdated by todays standards). Now for my questions.

  • I mostly game but do some light programming (code at work mostly) so I’m thinking a 2600x would be more than enough processing power?

  • I intend to do GPU passthrough so should I get 16gb or 32gb of ddr4 memory and what frequency? Anyone have a definitive answer for the frequency in my situation or should I do some research (being lazy I know although general consensus is ryzen scales with higher frequency)?

  • And what about the state of motherboards? Should I get an x470 board, if so which one is the most reliable currently?

  • Bonus question, I’ve been using ubuntu and since I will be mostly gaming is there any point in trying a different distro if ubuntu has the most stable support. Fundamentally most of the command line stuff I do you can do on any distro so I’ve probably answered my own question.

My budget is £600 if that helps which kind of puts 32gb ram out of my reach. Also only game at 1080p at the present moment and I intend to try out games like The Witcher 3 and GTA 5 where I think I should get above 60fps consistently with an rx480 (4gb) and the addition of these parts.



A full list of system specs/parts to be connected would help.

As for coding: A friend of mine does that on the 2400G (dual booting Fedora and Win10), so 4 Ryzen cores or more are plenty for light to medium codeing tasks.

For $210 the 2600X does sound like a good deal for your task. Leaves 400 for RAM and mainboard.



I’ve named them all basically other than the PSU which is the corsair rm650 watt off the top of my head.



For myself and others, OPs rig:

CPU: i5 3470
Mobo: msi h61m-p31
Cooler: ?
RAM: 8gb DDR3
GPU: RX 480 4GB
PSU: Corsair RM650
Case: ? (does not really matter)



Initially I’m just going to use the CPU cooler provided with 2600x and get a bettor one down the line which I’ll probably decide myself. But yeah I’m really just focusing on the CPU/RAM/mobo as I’ve haven’t updated these ever except the CPU and so I haven’t had much experience with these hardware types to know what’s the best to get in my situation.



The ASRock X470 Master SLI/AC (da name) has 50 good reviews on newegg. Unless someone comes by here and proofs it is a fire waiting to happen, that would be an option.

ASRock lists quite the lot, here are a few 2x 8GB Kits:



Newegg isn’t an option for me as I’m in the UK. But I’ll check those out on amazon, I probably go with ASRock as I keep hearing good things about there boards. Think I’m going to look extensively into what ram frequency to go with. Wonder what people in the forums performance is like with their KVM’s with 16gb vs 32gb?



Ah, silly me. has prices like this:



Not bad, I priced matched on amazon and its £547! I’ll need to double check integrity of this site though, never ordered from them. I think I probably go with this combo. Thank you very much!



I would say give it a day and wait for more input. It is 23:50 at your place (iirc) and the EU folk on the forum is currently sleeping (like I should be).



Haha very true, I’m literally about to rollover, it’s just one of those rare nights where you get sidetracked. Good night

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  • cpu: 2600X / 2700X.
  • mobo: Asus X470 Strix Gaming.
  • memory: G.skill trident Z kits.

Something like this would be a really great combo.
The Asus X470 Strix is one of the best midrange X470 boards out there.



Yes, Trident-Z are great BUT not all of them are B-Die.
Don’t know if that even was implied, just wanted to point that out.

Also that Asus midrange board is almost as much as the Taichi, isn’t it?



Maybe i dont know the actual hardware prices out of my head.
Because that stronglly differs per country.

But the Asus X470 Strix is an awesome board.
I personally expected it being a littlebit cheaper then the X470 Taichi.
But eitherway the Asrock X470 Taichi is also pretty good.



True. If those boards are close in price would you prefer one over the other?

Well, that’s answered then. xD

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Depends a littlebit on the use case scenario pretty much.
But if they are the same price, then the Asrock X470 Taichi,
definitelly offers more connectivity options for the monney.

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I think I’ll opt for the Asus board as there is a £40 difference between the ASRock board in the UK.

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Just got a good RAM deal I think! Got this for £140:



Yeah the Asrock X470 Taichi is a slightlly higherend board,
in the sense that it offers more connectivity options.
And the vrm is slightlly better.
But the Asus X470-F Strix also has a great vrm, its one better midrange X470 boards.
And if you dont really need the additional connectivity options that the Asrock X470 Taichi comes with.
Then the Asus X470-F Strix should be a good choice, since it offers all the base features that you would probablly need.
And 40 pound difference is also pretty significant.
That money could be well spend elsewhere.

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what do you mean by ‘connectivity options’?