Ryzen mini-itx with ECC support

Hi I’m planning an upgrade to my workstation

I’m currently rocking a 6700k and planning to upgrade to a Ryzen 3900x

So pretty standard, except I’ve been out of the loop for a while on all matters Ryzen and ECC.

OWC has 2x32GB ECC upgrade kits for the mac pro that I’m wondering if i can use for the build?

Is there a Ryzen itx motherboard that supports ECC memory? What is the best place to buy ECC memory that fits with Ryzen?

All Ryzen CPUs support ECC RAM, compatibility depends on the motherboard. Most don’t list whether they do or do not support ECC, but a good portion of the B450 boards do. It’s probably worth contacting support for the board you intend on purchasing to verify if it supports ECC or not.

I’ve seen different things online about whether you need registered vs unregistered and unbuffered vs buffered

Ryzen only supports ECC unregisterd / unbuffered as far as i know.

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@MisteryAngel That’s correct.

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