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Ryzen Laptops That Are Coming Out


Saw an advert at best buy the last time I was there.


With a Ryzen APU? I can’t find anything online. Only Intel as far as you can see.


Yeah just that they were coming. It was a poster. Also I think you can spot one in an LTT video at computex. Linus was looking at all the ryzen laptops that are going to come out.


Anyone had any experience with Acer Swift 3 line? Looking at this one, doesn’t have touchscreen but I can live without it. Checks off all the boxes… Ryzen, 15 inch, 256GB SSD, fingerprint sensor:


I’d look at the HP option. The Envy X360 15z makes me drool, and few facets of hardware can do that.


The HP Envy X360 13z might be interesting.

Lighter and smaller (<3 lbs, 13") than the 15z (<5 lbs, 15"), so it’s more sensible as an ultraportable. I just hope the quality control is decent, and that the RAM is upgradeable.


The whole 15z is basically my ideal. You can change out any hardware except the APU. I have done the research, it is the only laptop on the market that is graphics capable for 3D stuff, has 4C 8T, can do NVME, literally everything you want in like a high end laptop is in that thing.

And I am a hardware fanatic. I am picky as fuck. That thing is the perfect laptop. If the 13z can keep all the features of the 15z than ryzen mobile is infinitely better than any pile of shit intel is going to put out for a year minimum, maybe 2 years. And I mean that as a motorola and IBM CPU fanboy, IDRC about either of the companies we have now. But if AMD can keep this up they’ll have my money for years. Only if they keep that feature list going though.


The 12GB RAM sounds like a better deal, no?


The HP can handle 32 GB of ram and ram prices are skydiving ATM. Just wait.


Not impressed with the 15z’s screen brightness… apparently its not good.


Holding one in hand, yeah its not going to be good out in the middle of a field mid-day, but its not like it doesn’t function. Its about as bright as any thinkpad I’ve used.


It really depends on which panel you get. Check in device manager. HP uses at least 4 different panels in the same model… luck of the draw. If you got the LG or AUO panels, you’re probably ok. The Chi Mei is absolute sh!t – low brightness and terribly yellow-shifted colors.

And then there’s quality control. Some have really bad backlight bleeding.


There are 4 different machines. 2 have bad panels and are the lowest spec, 1 his the best panel but barely any windows ink pickup, 1 is all around balls to the walls amazing but the screen is about as bright as a thinkpad’s.

I haven’t seen any issues just pay attention to the model number when you pick one up.


What do you mean 4 different machines? I’m talking about the same model and model #. The panels vary.

And yeah the touchscreen/pen sensitivity also seemed inconsistent between identical models with different panels.


Is there a guide as to which models have shitty screens and which don’t or is it really a crapshoot?


In my experience in Canada it was a crapshoot with model 15-bq108ca. I bought one which had extremely bad backlight bleeding and other quality control issues, but the panel’s (AUO) brightness and colors were fine to my eyes. Exchanged it for another one, and this time backlight bleeding and QC issues were ok, but the panel (Chi Mei) brightness/colors were aweful. I had enough of playing roulette and decided to wait for a better revision.

Other weird issues include a webcam that has purple colors in natural lighting (also an issue on other HPs that use the same webcam).

Aside, not exclusive to HP or this model: know that this model has LoJack. Whether it’s activated might depend on the model/bundle or be an optional feature you can buy. Some might like it, and others might hate having a backdoor built in to their system. From what I’ve read, once you enable it in BIOS it can never be disabled.


I only have experience with Acer laptop from 2005 - 2006

It was amazing laptop for it’s time. I had a an Intel model but it looked identical to the one in this picture. Everytime the temperature went too high it would shut down it self to prevent hardware damage. It still works today but I broke the hinges.


I mean S/N then Type. Like how you can have a thinkpad T520 type 2442, 2444, and 2446. Same thing with these 15z’s.


There’s only one model/type/etc available here: it’s the 15-bq108ca.


I was thinking about pulling the trigger on something this weekend with Father Day deals but looks like I’ll wait, may wait for July 4th sales and give a bit more time for the screens on the 15z to mature.