Ryzen GPU Passthrough Build


I was waiting for Ryzen 5 to come out to upgrade my PC. I'm currently running an i5 3570k and I don't really need the upgrade, but it doesn't support Vt-d. I heard about the issues but it seems like it's mostly working now with some tinkering or am I wrong?
I'd like to get the 1600X and an ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4. I would use the 980 Ti from my current PC and would get a 1050 (Ti) or an RX460 for the host system. I read in another thread that you'd recommend a nVidia card if I plan to also do some gaming on the Linux host. Do you think GPU Passthrough would work with a 1050 and my 980 Ti or should I get an AMD card for the host?

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I have a 980 ti too. And to be honest we are in a strange place right now. The 980 ti is still a beast card but in our configs we have to use it in the vm. The host machine on the other hand must be a nvidia too if you want to game on both platforms. Except you buy a Vega that is faster than the 980ti and use the Vega for the vm.

Aaand Nvidia will shut itself off when it detects it is in a virtual environment so again Vega is the best bet.

For the passthrough i have little knowlege. It is but not stable is the latest news i believe.

Correct me if i am wrong!

I probably won't upgrade to Vega because the 980 Ti is still sufficient for me. Isn't the issue with Nvidia cards in VMs relatively easy to fix?

IOmmu groupings on certain AM4 boards are kinda a hit or a miss.
@wendell could tell you a bit more about it.
He has done some video´s on it, and there is a thread on it also on the forums,
which you might wanne check out.
If i remember right, Wendell managed to get it sorta kinda working with a Nvidia and amd gpu.
But with two amd gpu's he wasnt succesfull yet.
Not sure if he has gotten farther with it allready or not.