Ryzen Gen 2 and Virtualization

I’ve been holding back on the Ryzen/Threadripper platform as I’ve read here on L1 forums and otherwise that the virtualization experience isn’t all that great, Thats a big part of what I do as a full stack developer, so wondering if anyone’s seen any info on the upcoming gen 2 platform and whether that may have improved?

Works well for me on threadripper. Though I don’t use hardware pass through.

Theres been huge improvements in virtualization on Ryzen since the release. NPT bug fix, PCI reset bug, etc. I’d imagine the improvements carry over to the 2nd gen.

All we really need is for the containers to be able to talk to each other. I would say OPs use case doesn’t even need a fancy graphics card. We can do everything from TTY.

I think even an R5 2400G B450 system would work just fine for developers and maybe ssh into a threadripper server for kubernetes stuff? Thoughts?

Edit: what if the work requires a graphics card? How do containers access graphics cards?