RYZEN: Game Development & Productivity

Hey all and thanks for taking the time to read.

So I want to buy a Ryzen 1800x for my game development projects (for my home office/studio), and for general purpose productivity. I'm of course a gamer, but not a FPS elitist and I don't care about those stats, so long as the game runs smoothly.

I've searched far and wide, and yet to find solid real world data in a game development environment. The studio I work at uses 6700k's, so that's the closest thing I have to compare it to. As a general note, I am aware that Ryzen chips do fairly well in multi-threading for productivity - Cinebench, 7-Zip operations, Adobe Premier, etc. So I have a general idea of how they perform thus far (we'll see when the new software updates roll out, if things get better).

EDIT: I know some people recommend just going with a 1700 or 1700x and overclocking, to get 1800x performance. In my experience the overclocking gains have never been worth the hassle, and just wears out the hardware quicker (granted I've never had a CPU fail yet). I don't mind going for the higher end, and not have to worry about overclocking, and cooling. (Not to mention that even when I do decide to overclock, I can still have higher gains, starting from the 1800x base clock speeds).

So if any of you have granular insight, or where I can find these stats for the specific needs I'm after, I will greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Perpetual_Change, I recently bought a Ryzen 1800X system, with a Cross Hair 6 Mobo and a 1080TI. I made one mistake purchasing DDR4 3000 Memory (4 sticks) which at this time best runs at 2400 unless I pull 2 sticks out. Wendell has had significant success with the system he put together even getting one of the High scores in Fire Strike. So I would say if you put something together Like Wendell's system and put an AIO on the 1800X you will have quite a top line workstation. I am very pleased with my Ryzen even with my nerfed memory. Check out this link Wendell's Ryzen


Thanks for the insight. Wendell's setup is nice, and seems to perform well. I think I'll buy the exact motherboard, and RAM and see what sort of performance I can get :slight_smile:

Hey all sorry for beating a dead horse here, but I figured that the great community that is L1T would help me obtain better results, for my research. So after doing some more soul searching, I found these two Intel chips that I'm comparing against the 1800x (note at the time of this post the 1800x is on sale for $469.99 on Amazon, and $489.00 on Newegg):

7700k -- $339.99 -- Quad Core, 6 Threads, 4.2 GHz, L3 Cache 8MB, L2 Cache 6 x 256KB
6800k --- $388.00 -- Six Core, 12 Threads, 3.4 GHz, L3 Cache 15MB, L2 Cache 6 x 256KB
1800x -- $469.99 -- Eight Core, 16 Threads, 3.6 Ghz, L3 Cache 16MB, L2 Cache 4MB

I have a feeling that plotting the 7700k against the 1800x may not be the best for comparing multi-threaded scenarios, but given the price difference, I figured it was worth the look. If anyone has experience using these chips in a workstation environment, the data in that beautiful brain of yours is useful to me :slight_smile: .

Until then, I'll keep digging on the internet for adequate benchmarks. Again, I thank you all for taking the time to help me make a informed decision on a long term investment. You're the best! (

P.S.: Also forgot to mention that I'm currently running an AMD 9590, if that helps put things in perspective).

Actually you should look at the 1700 and 1700X, they overclock better than the 1800x and can out perform it on occasion.

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