Ryzen 7xxx built in GPU - any good for desktop use?

There are so many Ryzen 4 reviews but still very little on the GPU besides the fact that it exists.
The platform is knew but does anybody have experience with it?
I am mainly interested in desktop use case:

  • hardware acceleration of the desktop environment (Linux)
  • video decode acceleration (Youtube on Linux in particular)
  • AV1 support? It is supposed to be there but is it really working?
    Mainly interested in the Linux support but any Windows experience will be welcome as well.


Computerbase.de tested the iGPU. The charts should be enough to give you an idea of the performance. You can also translate the page with Google/Bing translate.

Also noticed that ETA Prime released a video based on using ONLY the IGPU within the 7000 series CPU with emulation.