Ryzen 7000 Series and Virtual desptop gaming

Every cpu has a basic gpu.

My brain had a little spasm. Anyone else thinking we could be looking at running our desktops via a hypervisor ? All the benafits of backup etc and of course multigpu.

Im pretty must a sucker again. Im going to buy a CPU. My Ryzen 1700 overclock is still great but this seems like a tinkers dream.

Except it wont work for months :slight_smile:

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Yep I agree, it would be awesome to run a virtualization setup here. Though, should make more sense to use VM containers for games etc.

Imagine any game. It gets access to a to-the-metal Vulkan interface or a Zink/DXVK style translator interface, and same goes for Audio though I think Audio is much less critical to have a direct HW link. Add a USB redirect on-the-fly (or perhaps HW access), and a kernel dedicated to low latency signals. A thin Linux distro with all the cruft not necessary for running the game removed, making said distro around 50-100 MB + whatever the game requires to run.

The advantage to this is two-fold;

  1. The # of game bugs are greatly reduced since a VM is so much easier of a target to support, then VM <-> HW will be upgraded over time to support this. It is also a lot easier to prevent cheating within the VM, and inputs inside and outside VM could be AI analyzed for machine intervention, aimbots et cetera. So much better QoS/QoL overall.

  2. Backwards compatibility. It’s eternal, baby! :slight_smile:

HOWEVER, it does require a few things to be present on the motherboard and/or OS, like, for instance, that PCIe lanes can be hot-switched between VM and host (reset sequence or something is o.k.), and that the same can be done for USB ports. I think the idea is very promising, but it requires that AMD allows it and also Intel allows it on consumer platforms before it will gain any traction at all.


Isn’t there a lot of community work being put into this already? And basically, the big sticking point is that none of the big-wigs want to make GPU virtualization or even GPU passthrough clean and easy?

My understanding is, basically the only reason this isn’t already how every enthusiast has their PC set up, is some corporate/marketing focus group wants cloud gaming to be the only gaming.

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@Marten what do you mean by it won’t work for months.

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I think what he means is that the support will be spotty and won’t hit full support in most Linux distros released before end of this year. This is normal though, Alder Lake had the same issues.

Not just clean or easy, but also free or accessible (and you said that when talking about Cloud Gaming). MxGPU (AMD’s SR-IOV implementation) has a very limited support list.

We could hope for the Ryzen Pro offerings to change that… but there are Pro APUs already and no dice, not even with ROCm, so I’m not holding my breath.

Verify then trust :slight_smile: