Ryzen 5800X vs 5900X/5950X

I was wondering if in a 5800X would be the fastest of the three in games if all of them had the same clock. The extra 4/8 cores won’t improve the performance much, but the 5800X has all of its cores on one CCX, which should reduce the latency.

Therefore, if one could get a hand on a really good sample and overclock it, it could be really good for gamers.


based on reviews… (that ive seen)

they all seem to be tied in gaming benchmarks?


They are virtually the same processor for gaming :slight_smile:
I liked Linus’ opinion on it. If you don’t need 8 cores buy a 5600x if you need 8 cores, then you need 12 cores.


On GN, the 5950X is faster than the 5900X which in turn outperforms the 5800X in gaming.

No they are not. The 5800X is on one CCX, the 5900X and 5950X have two.

I didn’t say I was going to buy any of these CPUs. This is more of a discussion about the benefits of one CCX vs. two CCX in Ryzen 5000.

This should answer your question

Double CCX doesn’t appear to come with a performance penalty any more.


Do you know why? I mean the 5900X is higher clocked than the 5800X. (But the 5950X is also clocked higher w/o that much difference in that chart. That being said, on GN the 5950X is faster than the 5900X as mentioned above).

Also, please keep in mind that this is a theoretical discussion without any purchase recommendations or price/performance ratios. I’m curious about the technology.

I recommend reading this if you wanna dig deeper into that.



Thank you very much! I was looking for something like this :slight_smile:

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good stuff, have been pondering on whether to upgrade now or later.

I have seen a few benchmarks that shows the latency benefit of the 1ccx of the 5800x.

They are a few and far between but there is a few benchmarks that show the 5800x to give better performance in rare cases.

Id rather have a 5950x for virtualization anyway. But i like my system its uniq.

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Games have terrible code and rarely if ever need more than 8 cores. Now the 5000 series CPUs have 32M of ram on each CPU complex and seem to not hurt performance.

Ideally the 5800X would be best. never needs inter CCX latency but its 100 to 200 MHz slower. Hard to pass up the 5950X breaking 5.0Ghz single core.

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So true, BUT halo 3 MCC has insane multithreading. On my Xeons at 1080p i was pushing the game to near 400FPS with all cores hitting 100%. Who would guess Halo 3?

But if you go with the the two-ccx 5900 or 5950, you can have the joy of a crappy infinity fabric, shutdowns at idle, infinite whea errors, immature bios, excessive heat cooking your ram when the cpu is overclocked,etc.

That’s the first time I’ve heard of that. Is this a real issue or are just some people on reddit having problems there?

No the latest gen Ryzen chips (5k)seem to kick intels ass even with cross CCX communications. To boot the higher end chip clock 100Mhz higher each level adding to gaming being best on the beast chip with 16 cores .

Granted there is still lag in doing that and windows will never make there kernel smarter. AMD was smart. When windows will not manage CPU’s. Give them more cache :slight_smile:

Hell AMD stumped Nvidia with cache on GPU’s :slight_smile: Next year there will be Gcache the latest advance :slight_smile:


First time I saw that claim. AFAIK the Infinity Fabric was only a problem for gaming on 1st Gen Threadripper.

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