Ryzen 5000 + RDNA2 KVM with MxGPU

I wanna do a new build with Ryzen 5000 and probably the new RDNA2 cards. I run Linux, and Windows via KVM. And for games not working with Proton I would like to know whether MxGPU would work in that setup.

Are there any informations on that yet?

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MxGPU does work for that sort of thing, assuming software and hardware support for it.

No, but I would be shocked if they had MxGPU on anything but their highest-end server cards for RDNA2. Also, going from past driver support, you will have to buy paid Xen or paid ESXI to get good support for the host. KVM host support is bad or nonexistent for current MxGPU cards. See: https://github.com/GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/MxGPU-Virtualization

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