Ryzen 5000 Powerplans Missing after x570 chipset update?

I just got a 5900x so i was updating x570 chip-set drivers to make sure that I had the latest power-plan for Ryzen installed for the new 5000 series chips but i seems that the power-plan is not included for 5000 chips yet on the latest chip-set driver ?

I am on version

I did reinstall/uninstall then reinstall multiple times to make sure but it still only reports windows default power-plan options in power-plans,

I want to know if anyone else that upgraded to a 5000 series chip has seen the same issue?

what motherboard?

what did their support say?

that is to be expected. Don’t need special power plans anymore :slight_smile:

Not an issue

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Thanks for the info much appreciated performance has been amazing so i thought as much but wanted some confirmation :slight_smile:

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