Ryzen 5 Pro 3350G?

I recently ordered a 3000G CPU for a little low power build.
But kinda expected, it turns out to take longer to arrive than the site says…

Instead I can see they have a Ryzen 5 Pro 3350G in stock, for actually not a lot more.

What peaked my interest, is that the TDP seem to be configurable?
Can’t find a whole lot of information, as its a Pro CPU and people seem to not buy these (unless in prebuilds)

How does that work?
Could I make it run with a 45watt TDP the whole time?

…or have I simply misunderstood it (high possibility)

well, would still like to know how that configurable TDP works, seems weird that AMDs wwebsite show a TDP range for a desktop CPU.

Anyway, I was looking some more around and ended up cancelling my 3000G because I dont want to wait, and instead order a 200GE. I really dont need much power for what I have in mind and the 200GE is pretty close to MSRP right now, as maybe the only CPU out there.

Case kinda closed (unless someone can explain the weird TDP of the 3350G)

If the motherboard you have has such an option, you’re golden.

Otherwise, you can manually underclock the CPU until you hit the desired TDP value. HWinfo/AIDA64 can be used for monitoring package power, etc.

Couldn’t find the 3350g here’s what the CPU-L app has

It doesn’t appear to have an unlocked multiplier

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