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Ryzen 5 3600 upgrade?

is Ryzen 5 3600 with B450 Tomahawk still good to go with… or should i look at a newer MOBO??? Thanks to all of you for all you do! I appreciate all of your thoughts… looking to build a new PC for the next handfull of years. Right now rocking the 4690K with gtx970. Starting to feel old… if you know what i mean!

Can you give a full spec list of your current system? Because haswell shouldn’t feel old. What would it cost to switch to a 4790(k)?

Also: what are you doing with it?

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Any OC done? Grab a beefy cooler give it some boost.
Have an SSD? It will breath new life into even slowest of hardware.
I wld say the 4690K and the 970 is a fairly balanced system.

Also what games are you playing atm. Are they CPU bound or GPU. That should decide your upgrade if necessary.

If you are going invest in a new cpu… get the latest mb .

Yes … you can cheap out but you are robbing yourself of the abilities you paid for.

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My current system :
i5 4690K
Hyper 212 EVO cooler
MSI gaming 5 MOBO (ATX)
32 GB Corsair Vengeance ddr3
MSI gtx 970
SSD Boot drive- HDD storage

I have to say that the responses so far have been eye opening to me as a newbie. The reason I said it was feeling old was purely do to the age of the setup built in early 2014, and the generation of the Intel chip! It may be that I was feeling like I NEED to upgrade because maybe I was missing out on something…
I am using it to mostly play games casually, do some minor photo editing, and just barley dabbling into personal video editing like Davinci Resolve.
I checked around a saw a few listings for a 4790K chip used for $100-130 US. Not sure I Know enough to say whether that would be worth the investment to go i7 for that price or not… I am still learning, any thoughts appreciated!

I have not really gone down into the weeds on overclocking, I dabbled when i first got it but I think I wasn’t quite ready to understand all that was needed yet and could not keep it stable, I didn’t want to break anything since I spent a good chunk of change on this when I put it together as my first build ever. Then life got in the way and pretty much just casual gaming was all i was doing. But now I think i am ready to get back into the weeds and learn some more. That’s why I initially posted was to get a feel for putting something newer together… but so far it may look like I can do some tweaking with what I have and enjoy it for a while longer! That would not be a bad thing!
Games played are Witcher 3 mostly… Skyrim 2nd…and then a mix of Overwatch, Vermintide, Assassins Creed. I need to do more research to find out the limits for any of these when it comes to GPU or CPU, more weeds to dive into I guess!
I do have an ssd boot drive

Thanks, these are true statements, and ones I will take into consideration. That is what I was looking for from you all!

While that’s not cheap for what it is, it’s still the cheapest option to get a good chunk more performance. If you go for that you’ll also have to remount the CPU and give it a fresh coat of thermal paste which might also help a little with potential overclocking. 32GB is plenty even for editing video. After that you can focus on a new GPU.

What model is the SSD? If it’s SATA you might want to get an NVME drive now before prices skyrocket again. The SATA drive is still gonna be useful as video scratch drive.

It is a Samsung *** EVO -240 GB SATA drive from around 2014. Just can’t remember the actual name. I will look into the NVME upgrade.

Get something like a 500GB+ 970EVO. Don’t skimp out on capacity, a good big drive will be useful for a long time, just look at your 240GB drive six years later. :wink:

BTW I also fell into an EVGA GTX 1060 6 GB GPU… Is that worth putting in to replace my GTX 970??? I know it’s a newer generation, but is it worth replacing or should i sell it?? Any thoughts??

Depends. What do you need more right now? A bit of money or a bit more performance and VRAM?

Is it a big enough performance increase to install?? Then I would install it…

That is for you to define. Take a look at benchmarks and call it.
Just make sure its the right kind of 1060, there’s a dozen of those.