Ryzen 5 3600 (non x) running stable at 4.4Ghz, 1.3v vcore

As in the title… is this common?

I did this build recently for music production. I used Ryzen Master to mess with vcore and frecvency more out of curiosity and soon realised the thing runs cooler and perfectly stable at 4.2GHz all cores and 1.25v than STOCK. Then I pushed further and it looks good at 4.4ghz 1.3v - 70c in Intel burn test, 75C in prime 95 and sub 65C in cinebench 15 and 20.

Is this a common occurence? I was under the impression that ryzens 3000 cant run boost frec all cores without some ridiculous voltage.
Because it’s a recent purchase I was wondering if AMD have refined their fabrication process since mid last year…

It’s becoming more common to find chips across the product stack that can do this. Late last year I was only seeing 3800Xs do 4.3-4.4GHz all-core with any level of consistency, but even recent builds with 3700Xs and below I’ve seen a bit more flexibility with overclocking.

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