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Ryzen 5 2600x Cooling Concerns 2 - The Menacing Summer


I will never build a PC in the winter again, i swear, i’m only going to build them in the summer.
After i installed the H80i v2 and Akasa Piranha fans on the Ryzen Machine, it all seemed fine and the CPU would sit happily under 40ºc when on idle, but last week i had a surprise due to a pseudo-summer day (from 12ºc to 33ºc), and then felt the warm wind coming from the radiador on the computer.
I wasn’t able to put it unders its paces to see how high a temperature it would hit, but i captured the temperature readings while on idle:

That is way too hot i think, and it felt warm too, the bottom of the case and the radiador were very hot to the touch.
That makes me worry about the actual summer, which is coming around in about two months and reaches temperatures up to 42ºc.
What does one do in a situation like that? Change the CPU? Undervolt? Underclock? Change the chassis and invest in more cooling?

Here is the computer itself and pictures for reference


That delta seems way too hot for idle - were you gaming before that (water saturated with heat?)

I think you are getting too little airflow into the case. Else have you looked at your fan curve - pump speed?


Pump speed is at maximum and the fan curve is tuned to increase RPM with temperature at a steady pace.
And in this case i wasn’t using it heavily before, just browsing the web and listening to some songs on Tidal, nothing too demanding.


Radiator is cleaned, I assume.
Are the fans on the radiator pointing in or out of the case? If they are exhausting, then you might have to put some intake fan elsewhere.


They are in exhaust position, yes, and the rad is clean.
I can probably fit a slim fan between the side panel and drive cage


You see today, at just 10ºc lower than yesterday, it seems to be running much colder.
I must say, at the time i checked CPU usage to see if there was any ghost app or malware in the background, but it was just iddle at 1% of usage, nothing abnormal.


Windows 10 does curious update shenanigans in the background.


Could be, i’ll stand by and wait for a day with a similar temperature to test the termals on a different, more spacious and free flowing case i have under the table, just to see if affects anything


I’m not sure, but remember the X series CPUs add X degrees to the reported temp to modify the fan profile.

Double check the number you are reading is actual temp, and not real temp + offset for X series CPU.


Had recently some temp issues with my Ryzen, and after couple days I did realize with @MazeFrame’s help, that the pump had died!

Tried some case shaking, tilting, moving radiator from top to down which made it even worse
But then fixed it by door knocking that pump, and in fact had already forgotten that I should change it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What I think has happened is colder days, and when leaving home I just dont leave windows open, and it has not happened since :man_shrugging:t2:


i have the 2600X on water with the rx 580 on a single loop with a single 240mm rad, my idle temps are around 40C on a 30C day ( in australia) in another 3 months we will find out if the cooling is enough or if i need another rad. but the CPU idle is 40C GPU is around 30C under load i get highs of 70C on CPu and 50C on the GPU (thats the air idle temp)


Mine are worse, 40ºc at around 25ºc of room temperature, i believe it has to do with the tiny 120x38mm rad from the H80i


I checked it out and the pump itself seems fine, if i increase RPM on iCUE it responds correctly, i think my biggest issue is the small rad itself


By any chance, have you tried running with the stock cooler? If it runs cooler with the stock HSF than there may be an issue with your CLC. Though the rad itself is small, it should still be enough for that 2600X unless you’re overlocking the shit out of it.


Yessir, but its even worse than the single 120mm rad.
The CPU itself is running at stock clock speed.


weird maybe your mobo is running a outdated bios version and it has the offset?


I’m running BIOS version 4.70, which is the latest.
i also checked the prices on a few lower TDP chips and i managed to get an R7 1700 for a decent price, now that the air temperature has stabilized at 30ºc i can run the tests for a few days and see what will happen, if its better on the temps, i’ll keep it, if its worse, i’ll just return it.


While in the R7 1700 endeavor, i’ll also take the opportunity to check how good the Akasa Nero LX2 is, if its any better or worse than the Wraith Spire.


The Akasa thing is a 120mm fan, the spire is smaller, I think? So cooling should be better.

You just have to keep an eye on it, else it is going to burn down Rome


Yup, 120mm vs the Spire’s 92mm, the heatsink itself is bigger as well and has more copper.
Not only that, but i have the Akasa Piranha fans i was using on the H80i, they are silent and move tons of air, i’m going to use one of those on the heatsink.

Edit: I missed the joke at first LOL