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Ryzen 5 2400G for budget passtrhough build


You mean the 20180825+dfsg-1~bpo9 available in stretch-backports is no good either? It is from just 10 days past your kernel-panic comment in this thread, hence my question.


After some digging today, I stand corrected.

It appears the Raven Ridge firmware is now in all version of Debian, including stretch via Backports. Good deal.


Good to know. I don’t use Debian tho, I use Fedora, but still, I don’t know if things are better for AMD over here




I’ve just had renewed interest in this thread since I was relying too heavily on Proton to follow through, cause the game I’m hoping works (Ace Combat 7) uses Unreal Engine 4 (MP4 videos still don’t work, and may take years to work in Wine/Proton) and it uses Denuvo… And whether it will be a compatible version of Denuvo, who knows?

So I’m interested in 2400G passthrough just in case both things (MP4 in UE4 and Denuvo) don’t work out for Proton. I’m also seeking if it will work in ITX form factor.