Ryzen 5 2400G for budget passtrhough build

Hello everyone, has anybody got any experience with a 2400G build for passtrhough?

I was thinking on running Fedora 28 using the iGPU of the 2400G for the host and just passing through a dGPU (GTX 1050) to a Windows VM for very light gaming.

Is this possible? All I can find are dual dGPU builds and threads about passing through the iGPU itself.

Also, I had the B450 in mind since its newer an also supports zen+ right out of the box, but I also haven’t had much luck finding any info on this.

Raven ridge isn’t stable on linux yet.

in theory the igpu should be fine but you’re gonna have to wait a while for it to be supported and fully stable on that cpu.

also you’re gonna want to be careful with IOMMU on b450

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I also bought a 2400G in hopes of doing passthrough, but I get kernel panics (caused by amdgpu) at least once a day. Hopefully this is resolved with 4.18 but I haven’t seen any significant testing and Arch hasn’t released it to stable yet so I can’t test it myself.

Wait™ technology (patent pending)

This is disappointing :frowning: I had an older Core i5-4440 that I was using for the same thing but my mobo died and the one I could get for that socket doesn’t even let me choose the preferred display device. I thought it’d be a good opportunity to finally ditch team blue but I guess it’s not my time yet lol

I mean you can. I just use my RX580 for now and not passing through. We should be good to go soon.

I personally haven’t had many issues with my 2400g in Linux aside from not being able to set the resolution to 4k on my TV but my 1080p 144hz monitor works fine.

I was using Ubuntu 18.04 for a while and after Mint 19 was released I decided to try that for a while with again no issues a side from the resolution.

I also tried MX 17.1 but I was getting grub install errors during the install so I decided to just stick with Mint for the time being.

I have not tried any GPU pass through on this system as of yet, I have read from multiple sources that it plain will not work correctly but that was a few months back.

Well I guess simply dual booting wouldn’t hurt either, that’s what I’ve been doing since my original mobo died, but tbh nothing beats coming up with a great idea while playing on Windows and just changing the output to my linux box ready to type it in. Guess I’ll have to wait a bit until it’s better supported

Fedora kernel panics on my 2400G no matter what I do.

I currently run a 2400G with an RX580, and (with a couple boot parameters) things have been fine for me on Debian Testing/Sid and Arch. Ubuntu’s been a little flaky, but usable. Fedora, however, just won’t boot without a panic. AMD and Red Hat are both aware, and there’s discussion about getting AMD hardware for Fedora testing and QA.

Could you share us some links? I’m interested too

Look at the bright side: By the time they get passthrough working on AMD Ryzen APUs, you may be able to buy a 7 nm Zen 2 -based 3400G with Navi graphics. Edit: … and 6 CPU cores + SMT.

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Well, the idea behind a budget build is because it’s based on a 2400G, but if I were to wait longer I’d definitely look forward to something like a Ryzen 7 APU. I think there’s no point in buying some crap-tier second hand dGPU just to have video on the host lol

hey, can’t knock a gt 710 for what it is.

tru, but I guess Im more concerned about wasting muh watts on such a card when I could just make use of an iGPU but oh well…

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BTW: 4.18 stable is out now for Arch. Give it a test and see how it goes.

I think it pulls like 20w full tilt and like 3-6 idle

not exactly gonna fry a power supply

Yeah, had to work this weekend so I didn’t get to try it. Will try to test things this week.

Question, since I found this thread, I’m also looking to make a 2400g based passthrough system in ITX form factor. I’m a Debian user, and migrating from Stretch to Buster would not be a problem since the release freeze window is upon us in January anyway. Have you good people @GodofGrunts and @imhigh.today still experience issues? I’m not buying a dedicated GPU for the build at first, looking for dropping prices in 2019 (also not a necessity for me until Mount&Blade2 is out).

Update: Turns out that in the meantime Steam made proton available so many of the titles I play became available on Linux, which mostly defeats the sole reason I wanted to use GPU passthrough in the first place. Lol. But not that @tkoham mentions it, I think 20w isn’t a problem at all, I thought it’d be more like 60-70 W since it’s an older card, maybe I can use it to drive my DIY monitor

Debian still hasn’t updated their firmware-amd-graphics package to include support for Raven Ridge APUs. There was once a bug for this specifically, but now there are several open bugs that all boil down to “Debian needs to update their fucking firmware” so I stopped tracking it.

With my RX560, Buster and Sid work splendidly but I wouldn’t count on the Vega APU to work until Debian gets more help managing firmware packages for AMD.

Update: I’m wrong. Raven Ridge support is now in Buster, Sid, and Stretch via Backports.

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