Ryzen 3900x build, with 5700xt, PoPOS or Linux Mint, X570 Mobo, Should I wait?

I am so excited to be here. Wendell, you are the man!
So, I have a dream! To build my first PC! Like now!

Ryzen 9 3900X
MSI Unify mobo or Meg Ace(Intel Lan) if I must …or is there a better supported linux option
Gskill 3600 64 GIG kit

As of now I dual booted a very old dell desktop with Linux Mint, and this thing has been perfected! I never have issues and it just works! I really wanna game, program, edit video, etc etc! The biggest thing for me is eventually, getting a version of Linux to where I am today, just LOVE my Linux, Pulse Audio setup!

but I am worried about trying to use Realtek lan. Also, I started using linux a few months ago, and I can’t ever go back to Windows as a daily driver OS. Should I wait a few months or a year? Build an X470 system instead? I love everything about Level1 and I laugh out loud when I watch Wendell! Huge Fan!


Kinda depends on motherboard prices where you life.
The Unify is significantly cheaper, and its practically the same board as the Meg Ace,
only main difference is the lan.
ACE is using intel nic, and Unify is using a realtek solution.

Both should basically work fine in linux.
i’m personally not a huge fan of realtek nic’s.
But yeah it’s just depending on board prices where you are.
In my area the Msi x570 MEG Ace is actually more expensive then,
the Gigabyte x570 Aorus master.
So yeah in that regards the Msi x570 meg ace would be a difficult purchase.
But in your area prices might vary.

G.skill TridenZ neo 3600mhz kits should be fine.

In terms of the said linux distro to choose.
PopOs will likely be an easier starter with your particular hardware.


Right now there is hardly any penalty doing so. PCIe4 does make NVME storage faster and future high end GPUs might not perform at 100% but it’s gonna be a while until any of that actually matters.

X570 is the more up to date platform of course and will likely be supported for longer. But almost all boards also come with a chipset fan that might be loud or fail at some point. Personally I don’t like those, I would go X470 now or wait for X670.

Has been a minute since I had a look at a mint install. Wendell likes PoP_OS a lot or Manjaro for more experimental stuff. My daily is Kubuntu. 19.10 with a current kernel should be fine for anything you build, 20.04 is probably gonna be your best shot for a long term install.

I knew by coming and joinging this forum, which I usually don’t do, that I would find very excited and helpful people. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

I see most are very interested in the Aorus Master, but in my area it gets a lot of really poor reviews based on the bios issues that are still part of the X570 roll out. Its 380 and the meg ace is on sale for 339. The Unify is 299. I would order the Unify, at this very moment, as I love the idea of zero RGB, for my personal preference.

I guess, I have this question. For example, if I go with the Unify, with Realtek Lan, and its causing issues, could I just buy a pcie nice card, that is intel based and it run smoothly in PoPOS!!!??? Whoop WHoop! Sorry I love my Linux! Seems much smarter to get the board you want and just add the ethernet connection you want through an add on card?

Pop os is very overrated go Linux mint. It simple, reliable, and just works. If this post turns into distro wars ill post my extremely jaded opinion of every single distro and discuss how distro hopping is a disease. Stop it! Choose one. Commit. . Done

Get a gigabyte x570 aorus you wont regret it. Solid motherboard. All features settable without bogus software like Asus and MSI. Can update EFI from EFI :slight_smile: a lot of motherboards have an update feature not all have the ability to flash from internet. Not to mention I think it has a backup chip in case you Fry it. I could be wrong

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The Unify is not a bad deal indeed for that price.
There isn’t really much wrong with it.
And realtek lan should work fine with linux really.
And indeed if you still would like to have an intel nic.
You can of course totally buy an addin card.

any recommended wifi and ethernet pcie cards that work like a charm in linux? Again, thank you so much for all your time and patients with a new linux chap!

As far as I know pretty much any onboard stuff will work these days. The most reliable ones are Intel.

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Yeah Intel WiFi and Intel LAN, aquantia LAN is really good to.

Whatever the heck you do stay a Pacific ocean away from broadcom and some Qualcomm chipsets

Except if we get AM5/DDR5 for next generation Ryzen… I would build now with X470.

How about AsRock X470 Taichi Ultimate? It has Intel 1GbE + Aquantia 10 GbE, and is cheaper than MSI X570 boards, at least here in Finland.

Thats inevitable but upgrading because of RAM dude you make me LOL pretty hard there.

Upgrade platforms when it makes the most collective sense. X570 is not 470. 570 can keep going for a long time because it will support graphics cards that eventually saturate pcie 4 and nvme ssds that do as well

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I’m running two of those. Great board.

I didnt mean DDR5 would be a great upgrade, but I think investing hundreds of dollars to get X570 because its newer is not that good deal as pcie4 is pretty much all you gain. CPU support for X470 and X570 is the same when you get high end board. X570 will not get bios update to support ryzen 4000 if socket changes from AM4 to AM5 in the next gen.

In my mind now is best to buy X470, as you end up replacing the board anyway next time you upgrade CPU.

But anyway, its just my way of thinking. Obviously X570 is worth if you plan maxing out PCI-E 3.0 bandwidth.

That makes almost zero sense because its not like he is upgrading from 370 to 470. he’s buying a brand new system. If your going to buy brand new you might as well grab whats brand new. His next upgrade could be many years away which would make him upgrade the board nmw.

Looking at ryzen 3k I could see people keeping these CPUs and mobos for a very long time. If you add PCIE 4 and the thunderbolt etc to it plus 24 pcie lanes you really really push the time frame out. I think of it in terms of longevity because cheaper does not necessarily mean less expensive :wink:

with that setup you could just go gentoo since you can compile stuff almost instantly

but probably PopOS over Mint IMO, Pop seems to patch issues a bit quicker from what I’ve experiencesd.

Great advice, I will stay at least that far away, your post made me chuckle!

yeah, this is what I was thinking. I’m not the type to be ripping a system apart and tossing the latest sexy distro on it, with new hardware. I’m building a beast, gonna get it so polished and perfect and hope it just works without a lot of drama. Maybe 4 or 5 years, do it again. I mean, I dont see many changes coming out that would help a new gamer( as in I havent gamed since PS2 haha…but I love audio and video editing and wanna use some linux music stuff…so I’m looking for power and smoothness. I want to try X570 and 5700XT, but so so so many bad reviews, well at least for bugs, ESP.!!! on the 5700XT, I mean I am sure the AMD crowd will get the bugs worked out by late 2020 or early 2021. Then, in 2022, I am sure they will have the bugs worked out of X670 and DDR5.

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I’m hoping PoPOS keeps doing what they are doing, I always try and switch people to AMD and LINUX!!! but the learning curve and then bugs…yikes…I dont mind downloading and installing from terminal, but imagine teaching ones uncle or Mom to do so haha!

I would highly suggest staying away from Linux Mint. They might have changed it recently, but in the past they have done some really hacky stuff to make it “easier” for the average user. I personally stick to Fedora for my main workstation. Been running PoP_OS on my work laptop for ~4 months and really enjoying it.

Oh really, what kind of shady things did they do?

Do you mind to provide any sources maybe…?
Because that is kinda interesting.