Ryzen 3700x with linux

What is the current state of the Ryzen 3700x with linux? I heard newer linux distros can now boot, but is the RNG issue resolved? Are there other major unresolved issues?

This is going to be a workstation build and do not plan on overclocking.


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I too have switched to team amd, and a long time Linux user, I plan on running arch on my new alienware…

There should be no problems really if the firmware is up to date. Only thing not working right is temperature reading on the cpu but that is coming in the next few weeks with kernel 5.4.

Distro wise you can pick anything you want pretty much.

My 3700x works fine with Linux(arch), and benchmarks seems to scale acoordingly

Rng issue is fixed when you update bios. I had no problems with my 3900x booting mint or fedora.

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