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Ryzen 3600 gets very hot

Hello, I’ve recently paired a ryzen 3600 with a gigabyte aorus itx x570 and I’m getting very hot temperatures.

Latest BIOS F6b ABBA
PBO turned off (per Wendell’s recommendation on his Zaber build video)
CPU Voltage set to “normal” (supposedly less than “auto”)
stock cooler max fan RPM
Micron E-die 2x16g running at XMP 3200 16-18-18
73 degrees F ambient temperature, open air case with no obstructions (Core v1 with no side panels).

In gaming I’m seeing spikes up to 83C and I have to exit Prime95 small FFTs torture as the temperature immediately reaches 91C. I anticipated that the stock cooler would be a lightweight that needing replacing, but is it really that bad?

One source claimed that the ryzen 3600 only consumes 75w at load, which shouldn’t require much of a cooler upgrade, or so I thought. As I began researching however, I saw many people with ryzen 3600s cooled by overkill coolers still claiming that they have excessive temperatures. How can that be? Here is a thread for some examples.

Some people were saying that the 3600 is just a poorly binned variant of the better ryzen 3000 CPUs and that it is expected for it to run hot.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Do I need to get a massive cooler and expect it to run hot regardless? I want the CPU to last as long as possible so I’m quite worried. Thanks.

Prime 95 is a power virus and will generate more heat than you will ever encounter in normal operation, that’s perfectly normal temp especially under a stock heatsink

Maker sure you tightened the screws on the heatsink evenly and to the proper torque


How did you apply the thermal paste?

Too much, too little? Dotted?

Everything well tightened?

It’s the cheapest Ryzen 3k there is, so yeah, of course it’s the worst one.
It also comes with the worst stock cooler. And you are pushing it to it’s limits with a power virus.

Try another paste maybe or better buy a proper cooler.

while I’m waiting for scythe to send me an AM4 bracket for an existing cooler I have, I opted to use the pre-applied paste while screwing gradually from each corner until it was all the way tight.

I want it to be as quiet as possible. My scythe cooler will be too tall for this case. It would seem that most every cooler larger than the Noctua U9S will require modification to the case, I’m not yet sure if that will be worth extra potential performance, i can only speculate. A cryorig H7 might be perfect because it just barely fits and has a 120mm fan, but they aren’t available at a fair price in the US anymore. At their original price of ~$35, it would be the clear choice. A noctua C14S would be huge and might fit the case, but it would require creating an intake port in the top panel with some sort of fan blade protector which might be difficult for me to rig in an aesthetically pleasing way.

I fear that if I settle for the ugly 92mm fan Noctua U9S, it might not be as quiet as I like since this case dumps non-blower GPU heat into the case. Perhaps (another) case mod is in order, but that is effectively non-reversible. (The crappy stamped metal motherboard standoffs already required modification for the x570-I aorus backplate to not interfere)

EDIT: I will update this topic with temperatures when i install a better cooling solution. Any advice is still welcome.

If one of your friends ends up getting a R7 or R9 CPU and opt for a different cooler one of those will be more than enough for the 3600

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I have a brand new, never left the box, wraith prism that I suppose I could part with.

The U9S exists even for TR4 and that is completely legit.
That cooler will punch many cheap 120mm coolers in the dick.
I’m writing this on a Ryzen 7 2700 with that noctua and it’s fine.

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Yeah 80-90C on load was what i saw too. I’ve switched the box cooler for a beQuiet Pure Rock. 20 bucks and does a great job. Haven’t seen above 70 even while rendering after the change.

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I run a 3600 on a U9S with redux fan, in a very restrictive case, and it gets up to about 80°C when the GPU’s dumping heat into the case.

Keep in mind that these chips will push themselves in the same way GPUs do. They’ll only really quit if they’re approaching TJ Max.

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