Ryzen 3600 for NAS, idle power draw, very hard subject. Der8auer and GN links inside


From some time (like 2 weeks) im trying to find legit information about idle powerdraw of Ryzens, Ryzen 3600 to be exact. Yes there are plenty of reviews and yes, many of them shows idle power draw, BUT thoose numbers are for whole system, preety much always with RTX 2080Ti, 1600W psu, 4 sticks of very fast ram and very fast nvme drive (thoose can eat few watts alone!). No one tests at low power psu which will have good efficency on low load.

Currently i have Pentium G4560T with Asrock H270 itx motherboard, 2 sticks of Crucial 2400 1.2v ram, 300w gold psu and small ssd for system. This setup eats around 18 watts on idle (around 32 watts with 3x IronWolf 10tb drives).

Im curious, if i change cpu and motherboard to Ryzen 3600 and lets say MSI B450 itx (the one buildzoid said is not bad), how much from 18w it will go up (because most of time it will be idling).
Im not so sure it will go to 50-60w territory as plenty of reviewers show (at least i hope not!) because according to der8auer, ryzens 3000 can go down to 0.2v and eat around 10w. On the other hand, he is the only person to say it and only in one video.

HWiNFO reports my 3600 package power sitting at 21.6W on idle*. Peak package power running Cinebench was 80W. Power consumption does heavily depend on the load. If you’re using your NAS for transcoding, expect to see it jump around a lot, and probably average at about 30-40W doing a single 1080p transcode, if you don’t have your buffer time set to a massive value.

*Idle is with Chrome, Spotify, Steam, PIA, and Autodesk and Adobe’s desktop apps running in the background, keeping in mind that 11W of that was the SoC, and I’m running an NVMe drive. The cores themselves average at about 0.1W each.

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Thanks! thats very interesting, i completely forgot about package power readouts -_-.

With low load, chrome, some stuff in background im getting around 10-12W package on my dual core Pentium G4560T (and goes to 21W when i stress cpu using cpu-z). Triple the cores + clock difference (pentium 2,9ghz vs ryzen 3.6-4.1) i think power consumption under load would be preety linear or even better.
According to Passmark:
Pentium G4560T scores 1650 / 3990 (single/multi);
Ryzen 5 3600 scores 2800 / 19850

I know its not a perfect comparsion, but it looks like Ryzen 2 could be more power efficent than Kaby Lake (which from i know is somewhat better than Coffe Lake in terms of power usage).


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