Ryzen 3000 x570

Hello I have a asrock gaming phantom 4 and ryzen 3800x bios version 1.3 I am having trouble installing a os I tried opensuse but the keyboard didn’t work with grub and when I tried fedora I had a couldn’t even get into a emergency shell systemd couldn’t load any dependency I don’t have a windows computer or license (or friend) so I haven’t tried updating the bios any instructions on how to do that on Linux would probably be a start thanks

I really think you need a newer bios. Maybe take a usb stick to someone else and download/extract the bios to it. There was a bug with systemd that got fixed in a later bios revision. Newer installation media could also work.
Updating a bios from linux might be possible but i’d just go with the update function from the bios settings itself.

Thanks that worked

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