Ryzen 3000 series is great but there is more value for money else where

What’s that supposed to mean?

So this thread is for your customers? I dont see much relevant information here other than you saying some weird stuff.

But you do you I guess. :man_shrugging:

It’s all if’s and but’s. No one cares about PCIe 4.0 now, let alone 5.0. Even me as an enthusiast, i haven’t felt the need for faster PCIe ever. NVMe is plenty fast already and GPU’s aren’t using 16 Lanes of 3.0 as it is.

The 2700 is great value, yes. But buying now and leaving all the IPC improvements on the table is just dumb. The 2 more cores won’t benefit you basically anywhere other than Rendering.
Just get the 3600 for the same price as the 2700. Newer Platform, longer support, much higher IPC and you can use the same Motherboard. If you’re worried about bugs or stability, than wait a month or two for newer Bios revisions.


I dont know how to substantiate your claim of supporting the 9900k because I am failing to see any of that in your accounts history. The talking points I am viewing here are similar to what I’ve seen in the past made by fanboys so if that isnt the case I’m sorry.

No, its just me pointing out the fact that the 2700(2600) is good value for money like I said the best I have seen in years. Was trying to be helpful to people looking at buying parts now. If what I am saying is weird so be it I guess. Its obvious to me now people are just taking this the wrong way.

Exactly this is why I am against early adoption.

Let other (who should be paid) bug test. Life is too short to fix other’s work

How is the 2700 better value than a 3600? I mean other than the “Core Count D*ck Measuring” Contest?
If you do have an ACTUAL use for more the 6 simultanuous cores, i don’t think your shopping in the price bracket we are talking about, or are technically versed enough to know why you are buying what.

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Okay I don’t see what my accounts history has anything to with, its pretty bare and has no information on it. I don’t own a 9900k I have just built with one once as that was the customer ordered I tested the machine thoroughly and it beat scores in every other machine I had built upon till then. Adding to this looking at data out there by reviewers its still on top single core wise and like I said it is not the best value for money.

Well… if a superior new product lines launches and you open a thread saying the previous product line is a better value i think its safe to assume that people will be somewhat confused and your posts dont paint a clearer picture.

On my part, I regard this is a troll thread without sufficient information or anything.

@moderators close or what will happen with this?

Well given that more and more people own 6/8 core CPU more than ever then developers are gonna but more support in for higher core counts. Sony and Microsoft have both stated that there new console CPU’s will have 8 core chips in just like the older ones did that means 8 cores has/is becoming the market norm. Now do I have evidence yes I do go and look at re tests of the old FX CPU vs 4 core Sandy bridge ones in newer games and newer programs the FX ones either on par or beating them this was not the case in 2011. My point is 8 core is more (I hate saying it) future proof than 6 core yes the single core is better but that doesnt ever hold out again look at the past 9 years to prove that more cores win over faster single thread eventually due to optimization.

I think OP is just trying to be helpful. Buy the older gen for less, sell once you see the need to upgrade. Of course the value of the older chip is up in the air, as to how much you would be able to sell it for to offset the 3000 series chip.


Your being rather mean spirited and negative dude, I think a lot of people looked at my thread as bashing the new CPU’s which is rather annoying as it isn’t that. Its just pointing out people have other options than buying the new latest thing. I will revise my post with links to benchmarks and more clear stance.

Thanks Goalkeeper I am sure people get it but maybe the way I worded things just made people think I am bashing the new stuff.

In that case you should put the time in to make clear what this thread that YOU started is about. Explain yourself clearly to avoid confusion that has manifested.

That is a good Idea!


Buy last gen when the new stuff comes out is the way to go man.

All you have to do is wait one year; items are in stock, bugs have been fixed, and lots of people hock off their stuff for the latest and sell dirt cheap.

I haven’t bought anything on Day 1 release in a while. The early adopter tax is so not worth it in the slightest.

How about when you open up a thread you clearly state what you mean and whats it about in the first post, like it should be and is defined in the guidelines and avoid click-bait thread titles?

Because then its clear that OP is trying to be helpful, I still don’t share that feeling.

How about editing the thread title to something not click baity, would that be a good thing? @CrackJack

I see his point but don’t see it making financial sense. It cost more to buy a 2700 and then another 3000/4000. If you have the money buy the 3000, if not save. If the 4000 is such a great value proposition the 2700 will heavily depreciate in value thus no recoup in sunk cost.

I work with money for a living, and you always deal with the now when spending. The future only matters if you have contractual agreements with a vendor or service so you can hold them accountable.

I ain’t doing it, op means well

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Fair enough.

Still would like to change the title to something non-click-baity

Your Title of Your Thread should be brief and descriptive of the Subject of the Thread.

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At least holding OP to the guidelines for opening threads should be fine, right!?

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I touched the butt

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