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Ryzen 3000: Newer Bios Boost Regressions? | Level One Techs



Reddit Thread on Voltages:

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As a victim of electromigration 4-5 times with a E5-1660 and a 4960X, I speak from experience that amperage does kill.

More LLC makes the issue worse.



This stuff is making me think I should hold off for a month or so until Ryzen 3000 has been figured out more.



It is interesting. Wendels is ruminating about 4.4-4.5 PBO scores and the web is posting sub 4.3 scores :)…

I feel like uncle Wendell has my back :stuck_out_tongue:



This is why our benchmarks were higher. That damn graphic lololol

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Watched the video last night, good coverage and reporting here guys. I’m a big fan of tracking this with the spreadsheet too, should help to get an idea of whats going on.

FWIW - There’s a good thread about this over on OCN as well, it seems that everyone is becoming aware of this issue, maybe it would be good to work together between forums if possible? (like Wendel suggested with the youtube channels working together) If anyone is interested or thinks it might be a good idea I can try to point some of those guys in the way of the spreadsheet, if for nothing other than more data points.



Its also interesting the top binned single thread chip will be so far the 3950X with 16 cores all the cache and 4.7MHz max boost ?

Come on internet AMD has an out of the box specced 4.7Ghz boost part still coming like xmas.

And from the AMD site Default TDP105W ? I just have to know what TR will be at this point in my life without Zen 2



My hope is Threadripper 3000 with Zen 2 gets a mobo refresh, with a new chipset that is made by AMD, just like X570 was made by AMD.



Id be curious about games benchmarked with pinned cores so the all core boost is tinkered with.