Ryzen 3 2200G vs A10-7850K+R7 250 ddr3

I have not seen a direct comparison between the new Ryzen APU’s and Kavari running dual graphics.
From overclock3d.net. I like this casue it does show the different aspects of the test instead of just
the overall score. Both of these APU’s are very different in that the cpu side of the Ryzen 3 is a beast with 4 zen cores and an L3 cache. Kavari was 4 improves FX cores and no L3 cache whatsoever.

My A10-7850K with some off brand R7 250 with 2GB ddr3. I think it’s Zotec. It was in my dau’s 7870K build
and has been sitting unused since it was replaced with a sweet 1060 b4 the prices went up.
My last experiment with Kavari dual graphics went badly but that was with an MSI R7 250.
Motherboard is an A68h-e33 that came free with the cpu, Mem is EVGA [email protected] that was the cheapest 2133 I could find.

additional observations:
Overclocking: Barefoot iGPU overclocking worked great but even when I reduces the iGPU from 900mhz to 847mhz my screen went haywire after 15 min in Starwars Battlefront 1.0. I reset to stock 720mhz and also set allocated mem from 2gb to auto.
Games that use dual graphics so far: Battlefront, CSGO and Titanfall 1 and 2.
Games that do not: ISDefense, Doom and Descent.
Both gpus show up in HW Monitor so if the iGPU shows 0% it doesn’t use dual gfx.
On games that do use it iGPU is pegged at 100% while the the dGPU is usually 80%
The main thing that really surprised me was the graphics score. The Kavari in dual graphics is better then the 2200G but trails the 2400g. I expected the older architecture to do much worse.
Physics score the new Ryzen APU just crushes Kavari.

With Kavari once you buy a mid range or higher GPU your gonna want a better cpu.
With the new Ryzen APU’s maybe not.


Memory prices are just too high to make the 2400G competitive and the 2200G is touch and go.
Even the capacity of memory makes a massive difference. According to source.

Game: Wolfenstein 2

16GB 3200Hz: 85 FPS avg, 63 FPS 1% low
8GB 3200Hz: 48 FPS avg, 35 FPS 1% low


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I got the impression that Kavari had a strong igpu, but weak cpu.
Looking like the new chips are the other way round.
Didn’t they show kavari playing BF3 at reasonable FPS at the launch? Full AAA on igpu on the A10 ?

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No your right, Kavari is a fairly strong iGPU and a weak cpu.
New iGPU’s only went from 500 to 700 steam thingys about.
The new cpu’s went from half an FX to a 4690K roughly.
I did get ok framerates on BF4

By the way you know how the 2400G and 2200G uses thermal paste under their IHS, well your Kaveri A10-7850K is soldered.

AnandTech saids that Kaveris are soldered:

And Der8uar shows that Kaveri is soldered at 1:25 in the video:

so uhh, good for you… I forgot where I was going with this…

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