Ryzen 2700 vs 2700x?

Which would offer the better experience?, ryzen 2700 with aftermarket cooler like the scythe fuma rev. B or 2700x with stock cooler.

What exactly are you trying to do? If you are comfortable with over clocking save the money, get the 2700 and overclock otherwise go with the 2700x. Both being paired with a good cooler does wonders… just the 2700x does a pretty good job self over clocking but could still use the thermals reduced.

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The 2700x is clearly the better choice once you factor in the clock XFR gives you when you let the CPU choose the clock it self and the better stock cooler

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If I choose non x version I’ll overclock, with x version I’ll let xfr do it’s job. Guess I’m asking if 2700 overclocked will give better performance and thermals with aftermarket cooler than a 2700x with stock cooler and xfr doing the overclocking. And do you guys think overclocking the 2700 is worth it?

Better performance not really.
Because they are basiclly the same chip sorta kinda.
But better thermals with an aftermarket cooler sure of course.

Of course it could be that the 2700X is a better binned chip then the 2700.
And that it would be easier to maintain 4.2Ghz / 4.3GHz ish Oc’s on a lower voltage, then a 2700.
But that still isnt really guaranteed.

The quality of a motherboard also kinda matters.
Definitelly dont cheap out on a motherboard is my advice.

I hope that i have the vrm details on the new X470 and B450 boards soon.

I don’t think the 2700 makes sense when you have the space for cooling. The new XFR seems to do a damn good job and if you still want to go with a different cooler you can probably sell the wraith prism for 20 to 30 bucks.

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So I got the 2700 on Amazon prime day deal, so my next question is, should I get the crosshair vii hero or the crosshair vi hero wi-fi which now on sale for $200 us on Newegg

WI-FI translates to less security.


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2700x has XFR2 and a better cooler. For peanuts more.

If you need onboard Wifi then the Crosshair VII Hero + wifi is a good choice.
But if you dont persee need wifi, then i wouldnt spend additional money on the wifi version of the said board.
Because besides of the wifi module, they are totally identical, the Asus Crosshair Vii Hero wifi just costs an additional amount of money more over the normal Asus Crosshair Vii Hero.