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Ryzen 2400g linux - monitor resolution issues


managed to iron out most of the systems freeze ups. (although the system will still sometimes freeze when left idle) For whatever reason linux now reads my 1080p display as a 768p. If any has an explanation for this please let me know.


I’ve been fighting resolution woes myself. I went so far as to try to manually edit in the proper info and still couldn’t get things to work the way it does on all of my other computers. My native resolution is 1366x768 but it flat out refuses to use that over DVI or HDMI. It does work over VGA, but often it will go back to 4:3 ratio 1024x768, particularly if the screen is turned on before it finishes booting.

Going from Mint 19 to Lubuntu 18.10 has made it less problematic and no more hanging on boot, but I suspect many of these issues have some months ahead of them before they get ironed out. The Ryzen APU’s are simple not 100% stable and functioning error free yet. If you have the option to use a VGA cable, it seems to allow a larger range of resolutions, as backwards as that may seem.


well it’s good to here I’m not the only one


I’ll try the using the vga cable


Not sure if I have much to add but I have three monitors, hdmi, vga and dvi to hdmi running on my system. (also a forth monitor on a separate card and a second card for pcie passthrough. I was having weird issues with kde when trying to get multi-monitor support running. I think it had something to do with wayland. My solution was to switch back to X with openbox and some XFCE4 components. Not much help but at least it might give you the idea that it is wayland or kde. It seems to me I tested on Gnome wayland with the same result.