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Is Ryzen 2000 still the hardware to go with if you want to try Looking Glass?

I was doing some powershell scripting at my last job and am interested in this open sauce benchmarking project but couldn’t find a topic for that.




Farily experienced with powershell and other programming languages, give me a shout if you want some automated powershell and etc installs for test benches. Should be easy with the right packages and etc you need.

Best of luck

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Step one is pretty easy. Chocolatey can install steam. Can we automated the install of games either by copying folder or automating steam a la steamcmd?

I’d love to get to a point where I can have a totally fresh machine and powershell installs chocolatey that they installs stuff and then that same script installs and tests games.

One step in the script will have to copy the game spwcific configuration files to the games config folder or reg key.

Prolly easy to start with GTA v

IIRC most benchers just use an SSD with the games in a Steam library on it and swap between systems as needed. Some even just use an external SSD on USB3.

So the game storage is easy, one would think. Don’t Steam settings carry over via Cloud?

I’m starting to get above my league here though, as I only have two systems and don’t play the same games on each.

The benchmarks coming out right now are looking really really impressive. In a lot of cases (in games at least) all the Ryzen 2000s seem to be outperforming the 8700K, which is fantastic.

Not to board they hype train (insert $0.25 into the Hype Glass to continue) but this is looking really exciting for AMD.

I was actually just checking these external Samsungs having 3.1 type C, and you reminded me to check speed stuff

But cant find 850 vs t5 :man_shrugging:t2:

Sorry, I haven’t noticed that responses were coming in. I will look into this tonight( europe time)