Ryzen 2 ECC support?

Does anyone know what the ECC support is like on the new Ryzen 2 chips? nudge nudge @wendell

I really want to get two for a freenas and pfsense build but the best information is from somewhat early Ryzen (1) days and since then everything seams to have improved a lot…


I would wager that its going to have the same kind of support that ryzen has.

ECC support being there but not really talked about


time will tell

I just got an email reply from Asrock and was told that on their existing AB350/m Pro motherboards and the like, Pinnacle Ridge does have ECC support working.

I noticed today that their QVL for Pinnacle Ridge is finally populated for their AB350… and ram with ECC working is listed. It’s pretty much the same QVL on ECC as Summit Ridge.

This is a bit of a relief for me. I’ve had amazing luck with Asrock AB350m Pro4 motherboards for FreeNas and Pfsense builds. For myself and family. Like hollyshit shit does Ryzen do a much better job post Spectre/Melt-down with running networking loads and/or ZFS than it’s Intel i3/E3 counterparts.

Protip for Pfsense:

Only sane way I could find to squeeze a Ryzen 1200 based Pfsense build with ECC ram and a NIC into a case that was a reasonable form factor for a firewall/router… And the same price as just using an Intel i3 and C236 WSI Mini ITX


I’m considering building a little media server from a Raven Ridge APU, so this is good news to see, thanks for posting.

Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there. Pinnacle Ridge has ECC support but on Raven Ridge the motherboard manufactures are choosing to only enable it for the “PRO” SKUs.

Still… My solution was to either temporarily put a GPU in the machine for bios config then just use the serial port from then on.

Or for family/friends that are less savy I got a ~$40 52pin mpcie VGA card and a mpcie card to m.2 adapter. Or just a cheap pcie2.0 x1 GPU. It depends on if space is a problem or expansion slots.

Example of mini vga card

Example of mini card to m.2 adapter

Example of cheap pcie2.0 x1 gpu

In the end it comes out cheaper to use a cheap AM4 mobo with a Ryzen cpu than to buy a 200+ dollar Intel C236 motherboard and a Xeon e3… More powerful to if you are concerned about ZFS and transcoding video.

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