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Ryzen 2 (3000) doesn't boost to its rated max boost clocks. Der8auer approved


Der8auer just released his you tube video on testing the Zen2 CPU’s and says that only the 3600 and 3600X reaches its max rated boost frequency. The 3600X, 3800X and 3900X cannot reach its max rated boost clocks.
I still think these CPU’s are going to be great but, if i purchase a CPU based on what its clock frequency is and then find out that it just can’t hit those clocks, i would be disappointed. With the massive improvements in IPC I wouldn’t be to worried about performance though. The Zen2 CPU’s are looking like the new productivity Kings
Zen 2 seems great for the price but the new X570 motherboards outlandish prices off-set the deal you get on Zen2. Best to stick with X470’s, or B450’s high-end motherboards.



My understanding is that he said precision boost overdrive is not working right. Like say you have a max speed without overclocking of 4.5ghz. PBO should allow, if you have proper vrm and thermals, overlcoxks to 4.7ghz. It could be teething issue, or people are misinformed.



I think they can hit near that, but are just like 100mhz behind. I saw some video this morning showing that.



Contradicted themselves from first sentence to second sentence.



This was initially true, but after endless fiddling I could get it to work on some boards. I’ll have a other video about this.

In terms of cpuz benchmarks the 1t performance was anywhere from 480 to 550 depending on combinations of board and uefi posted to the public internet. That’s kind of a huge swing and will make a difference in reviews.

But it’ll be sorted here in short order. I asked AMD about it the day I got my press kit.

In the end on the 3900x I could hit 4.5ghz all core with 4.5-4.6 on 1t at 1.45v and monster cooling.



Well the 4.6ghz boost clock is at single core only. Afaik there isn’t an all core boost clock mentioned anywhere. I think people get this mixed up a lot, just like Precision Boost vs Precision Boost Overdrive.



I dont really like his channel hes misinforming people completely. Its because PBO is trash right now and sometimes the best solution is manual control including states

it takes a lot of fiddling with the voltages and preventing electro migration. I dont think it has much to do with delidding and I dont recommend it at all. They use good thermal paste to begin with and largely any differences we see are a sample size of one so Im not sure thats very definitive