RyZen 1700x

I have been rocking a RyZen 1700x since it’s launch, and I gave a RX580 GPU, which I think is being a bit of the downside atm, I was thinking of which AMD GPU Series that I can put into my computer right now, without upgrading to another CPU, and if I need to upgrade the CPU, my motherboard can only handle the RyZen 3000 series, and if I have to, which one should I jump on to buy? I know that the RX5000 series need the RyZen 3000 series to work.

I don’t have the money… "/

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You’re misinformed on the part that the RX5000 series needs a Ryzen 3000 to work. It works no problem with your current CPU just that you don’t have PCIe 4.0 so it’ll fallback to PCIe 3.0, not much if any performance loss. And well Smart Access Memory will probably not be implemented in your motherboard, again not a great loss of any kind.

On what resolution do you play? That’s an information that we would need if we are to recommend you a GPU.


I have two 24" 1080p60 screens, so I’m stuck at 1080p till I have money to buy a 4k60+ screen or 4k60 tv. I personally don’t react to the difference of 1-8 ms.

I stream, and I game some, sometimes. I haven’t been doing much of either for the last 3 years though.

Edit; Also! I usually don’t buy new hardware that often, so I try to max out my budget as good as possible, and right now it’s… I don’t know. I was a bit interested in the 1080p card RX 6600 or RX 6600 XT, because I don’t need to switch my 650 PSU, but I would really like to have a RX 5700 XT, so darn expensive though. AMD is basically in league with Intel and nVidia atm. "/ Far from cheap, as it used to be, and it’s probably not going down even if the production costs goes down and the whole world is back to normal in it’s demand. "/

I want something that is better then the RX580 anyway, that is easy to passthrough to a VM.

This seems as good an opportunity to rant about how people normally go on about “bottlenecks” as any.

tl;dr don’t worry about “pairing” a given CPU with a given GPU, don’t care about “balance”, don’t just get a low/mid end GPU because the 1700 is decidedly midrange these days. That’s what people on reddit will tell you to do, but they’re wrong.

The CPU does not care about what resolution you play. Whether you play at 1080p, 720p, 4K, the load put on the CPU is no different. Therefore what I would do is to get a baseline for how your CPU actually performs in the games that you play by turning resolution down to like 720 or 540p or something. This will tell you what your CPU is actually capable of.

I’d then look at online benchmarks (GamersNexus are very good) of GPUs, and I would look at the resolutions you want to play it. You said that’s 1080p, so I would look at 1080p benchmarks and I would look at something that’s in the ballpark of what your CPU is capable of – or maybe something a little higher if you want to make sure you have some overhead left over for more graphically demanding games in the future. If you are limited to 1080p 60 fps gaming by your monitor, then good news this pushes the amount you need to spend on GPUs down even further because there’s really no need to buy a graphics card that can do much more than this outside of just wanting overhead for future games.

You mention saving up for a 4K 60 TV in the future, so if you want to spend more money in the short term but save money in the long term you could get a GPU that’s capable of 4K 60fps gaming now (without even looking at benchmarks that’s realistically just the 6800 XT/6900 XT or 3080/Ti/3090), but that would be massive overkill until such a time as you buy the TV. (Having said that, both AMD and Nvidia have super sampling capabilities where you can render the game at a higher resolution and then downsample it to 1080p, giving you the highest quality type of antialiasing available, so if you do decide to do this you can still make use of that graphics card while you’re saving up to move to 4K).


Is there something your current setup is preventing you from achieving? That is where I would focus on.

I still have a 1700x and a titan xp built several years ago. I can still run anything in my steam library at 4K 60 and pretty much max settings…though lately I’ve noticed the poor thing is noticeably struggling on less optimized titles. I don’t overclock the GPU and never plan to.

Eventually I will retire it to my VM box but not until I can get a GPU without paying scalper prices.

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No, my computer can drive most games at reasonable settings, which is good, I can probably not use my computer for Windows 11, but I’m going to ditch windows as soon as I have finished the 6 seasons of Sopranos that I borrowed… Going to use an arch based system and VM Windows instead, but I don’t want to use the one GPU setup, I want to mine on one GPU while using the other for simple tasks. The RX580 is older, but it’s still a good card.

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That gave me some food for thought. Thanks for the info. ^^

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1700X being first gen Ryzen is a bit old, but honestly still good.
There really shouldn’t be any issues with it, especially if you are aiming for 4k, cause then the main bottleneck will be the GPU.
The situation with the GPU pricing is insane right now. And was for the last year or so. And will be for the next year or so…
Honestly I don’t see ever the GPU pricing returning to it’s old levels.

Keep in mind 6600, 6600XT, 5700, 5700XT, 3060 are all a total of about 15% performance difference between the slowest and the fastest card. Whatever of those you find cheapest will effectively double the 580 performance. Not worth triple price tho. I wouldn’t really buy any GPUs now unless I find something really close to msrp…

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No you’re right, and I would go so far as to say the obscene current pricing is not limited to the chip shortage. Pascal represented a massive price hike over Maxwell, and Turing offered Pascal prices for Pascal performance two years later, only offering any real improvement with the Supers that served in increase prices further. RDNA (and Vega VII) price matched Turing, and Ampere/RDNA2 are no better. As mythical as MSRP is right now due to supply, it can’t be overstated how much that MSRP in itself is still not good and tbh I am not looking forward to the day when people are rejoicing that you can finally get a 980-tier card for only twice the price of a 980.


It all started back in the GTX 700 era with the first Titan… 1000$ for a GPU wasn’t immediately squashed by the public, next Titan was 1200$ for a GPU… Well, here we are…
I don’t know what shortage people are talking about, but I can buy every GPU I want right now. They are all available in stores. The prices are sti insane. 6600XT came out 450euros, now the cheapest one is 650euros. Everyone is hiking prices.

Anyways, 1700X should not have any issues running 4K and really shouldn’t be a bottleneck for something like 6600XT or 6700XT or whatever…

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And that is because people are fucking stupid, paying for scalping, showing the corporations that only want money that the little worthless eat, piss and shitters out there will throw money at them because of the need, it wouldn’t be strange to say that they might be holding back on production in order to hold the prices up, it’s not the first time a cabal have been created, had the oil in the 90’s and also the lightbulbs in it’s infancy stage, they can make lightbulbs that hold for 100 years. My early adaption of LED lights payed off, I think I’m in the 12-13th year now, and they were supposed to hold for 10.


To double the performance would be awesome, I actually want one card for Linux, and one for Windows in a VM. Some games is never going to come to Linux, like the Borderlands 2 Mods, or the capability to maybe even play together with others that doesn’t have linux… "/

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8800 Ultra in 2007. $830.


I remember that card, I didn’t have money for it, but I did later on buy the 8800 GT. It was one really good card. ^^

Im still running an OC Ryzen 1700. I was lucky I upgraded my at launch RX480 with a 5700XT at launch. Im gaming like a boss and will just wait this insanity out.
I do hope intel monster drop on the GPU market like the beast they are. Would be good for the little man.

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People bought a 2080Ti that was 20% faster than a 1080 Ti for just shy of double the price. People just accepted Turing being a re-release of Pascal in terms of both price and performance, and they accepted the only competitor, AMD, price matching it with RDNA1. No one seemed to care about the sleight of hand when the 2080 assumed the 1080 Ti’s price point and the entire stack shifted a price point along with it. They heralded Ampere and RDNA2’s value for more or less offering more of the same, even at MSRP.

We don’t need a chip shortage to be screwed over.


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